Facebook taking action against spammy posts in your News Feed


Get ready to see fewer spam posts in your Facebook News Feed. Taking to its official blog, Facebook is letting everyone know that it's taking a harder stance on not showing posts that people deem "spammy." The new effort comes down to blocking out three main types of posts: Like-baiting, Frequently Circulated Content and Spammy Links.

Like-baiting, as it sounds, are posts that explicitly ask for readers to "like" or share the post — we've all seen the "like if you agree, share if you disagree" kind of posts, and they're pretty awful. Surveys show that these posts are on average 15 less relevant to people than a post with the same likes gained organically.

Facebook defines Frequently Circulated Content as pictures or statuses that are re-shared over and over again to try and generate engagement, often from official Pages. Spammy Links are, well, spammy links — they intentionally try to mislead readers into clicking through links to questionable websites.

As Facebook moves further towards mobile with less screen real estate to work with, it becomes even more important to keep the News Feed clean. Any reduction in spam and questionable posts is a win in our book.

Source: Facebook

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Reader comments

Facebook taking action against spammy posts in your News Feed


I don't mind seeing what my friends and family "like" like funny pictures or interesting ones. This is keeps Facebook from being completely boring IMO.

How about they start by getting rid of their own stupid "Recommended" posts, and top it off by not forcing me to navigate to the "Most Recent" button on mobile every time I open the damn app.