Facebook wants to set up Home - or something - on iOS.

Facebook wants to get Facebook Home on iOS. This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone familiar with Facebook, their business model, the realities of the smartphone market, and global plans for world domination by anyone, anywhere. Specifically in this case, however, it's Facebook's product director, Adam Mosseri, who's talking it up. According to Bloomberg:

“We’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just in an ongoing conversation,” Mosseri said, referring to discussions with Apple and Microsoft.

“It may or may not be Home,” he said. “We could also just bring some of the design values to the iOS app. That might be how it ends up. Or we could build just the lock screen. Maybe then it’s not called Home, it’s called something else.”

Anyone who thinks Apple will surrender control of any of the Lock screen or Home screen experience to Facebook or anyone else is nuts. I've already written and said a ton about why I think Facebook Home is nicely done but wrongly focused, and if anything it's different not better -- solving some problems by creating some different ones.

Facebook could make a better iOS app. If Apple ever opens up inter-app communications and actionable notification, perhaps they could even build a Facebook island with ChatHeads-like functionality throughout it within whatever very specific, very limited frameworks.

But Facebook Home on iOS? I'll expect it only when, and if, I ever see it.

“There are no ads on [Facebook Home] yet,” [Mark] Zuckerberg said. “I’m sure at some point there will be.”

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

Facebook wants to set up Home - or something - on iOS.


I wish they would work on their mobile app rather than this. It seems to be getting terrible reviews on the play store. Maybe this will be integrated into ios7(chat heads like things anyway)

I really really really want to see Facebook go down somehow. This is waaaaaaaaay too much of a power grab. The *only* thing I could see them doing that I think Apple should allow all Apps to do in some way is background updates. Would drain battery, but there should be some framework to do it without a battery drain.

Come on, Facebook home could come to ios at any time by doing this: get the dev crew to make a Facebook Home theme for Dreamboard and that's it cuz basically dreamboard themes work just like launchers.

I don't see that as likely, as then Apple would get mad as that would be Facebook outright supporting Jailbreaking.

I'm sure one time someone said the same about Facebook on iOS. Apple tried to compete with Facebook and failed badly. Now they are friends. If Facebook Home becomes a major deal (who knows with kids these days), then Apple will incorporate it just like they did with Facebook or give up that market.

Is it just me or is this commercial terrible in message?

Family time? Screw it.....ignore them all and keep checking in on Facebook.

I actually would like to see something along the line of message integration, like adding 3rd party messaging apps to iMessage, similar to the functionality of Messages on OS X now.

I don't know, i think it will be weird on ios because it will be kinda difficult with ios notifications, i mean the way is from android, also, if there is going to be, which is going, adds, is just going to annoy people a lot

Facebook needs to learn how to properly make an app before trying to shove their ads and fluff to homescreens and lockscreens.

Guess I'm old school and stubborn, but I'm not a Facebooker, don't want to be, therefore don't Facebook's crap on my devices.
I'd have problem with an app that users could download at their choosing. Which would also allow non-users the choice to not download it. But forcing it in the face of every person who buys/uses a smart phone and/or tablet is flat out wrong.

I suppose these Facebook articles won't go away. As much as people complain, iMore seems convinced it's a big deal for iOS users. It's the 57th app in top free apps. Facebook messenger actually ranks at 38. I suppose it helps that in settings, it prompts you to download it.

Isn't that enough integration? I think it's saying something that Apple even went that far with it.

But the homepage and lock screen is too valuable for Apple just to hand over to a 3rd party. I'm not sure Facebook could afford it. In a way, Facebook just took it from Google. Google got screwed royally. And we're wondering if Apple will sit by and let Facebook do the same to them? Apple sees their millions of users as Apple's asset. Not a 3rd party's to exploit.

Another interesting point is when partners start becoming competitors. By virtue of the Facebook phone and forking android OS, Facebook is starting to compete with Apple.

The video does show a nice hint though:" if your life is so boring you'd rather check Facebook and see what fun stuff people do instead of doing some fun stuff of your own, then Facebook home is for you"!!

I really, really, really don't want this. The app is enough, just improve that one. Facebook 24/7 in your face is lame. It's just a swipe of pictures anyway.

I'm not too supportive of Facebook home on iOS. They should work on the iOS app, sure, but Facebook home is just too much Facebook for me. I already don't use it too much and something like that would just make me and others like me unwilling to login even more! :/

Facebook needs to improve their mobile app for iOS as well as the other platforms, not try to take over the entire phone experience. Facebook isn't the only thing I use my phone for. In fact, I rarely use it on my iPhone. I use it more on my iPad and I don't want it taking over my entire tablet experience either. I don't see it happening on iOS. Cook would be nuts to surrender the home screen to Facebook. That would be an admission that the home screen needs a face lift. I don't see that happening any time soon.

I hope Apple doesn't give Facebook access like this. I don't want to have ads shoved in my face. I have even read that FB will charge a fee to have no ads which I think is ridiculous. I really hope someone comes out with a better social networking experience.


Lets all tell them to put FaceCrap where the sun don't shine

My sister put my father on FaceCrap against my expressed argument

Now all he gets all day is spam ads, and FaceCrap emails. And he cannot get off it now.

Once you join and they have sold your email address to every spammer on the planet you can only change your email address to get away from them.

FaceCrap is a plague that is destroying any privacy we had left.

I hope they go down in FLAMES.

If Apple allows this I will go back to Blackberry

Keep that facebook garbage far away from iOS. What, the FB app isn't enough that now it has to be front and center 24/7 on the OS? No Thanks!