Failed review SMASH puny Georgia iPhone

Over the last few years here at iMore, I've taken iPhones and iPads through the car wash and the dishwasher. I've tried to send them into orbit on model rockets and to the deep blue depths beneath toy race boats. I've sledded on them and wailed on them. I've even worn them in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fights and taken them on trips back to the future.

But I've never actually lost one. Not until now.

Georgia's iPhone 4. 2010 - 2012. Rest in pieces.

(I'll be back with a review of the case in question in a day or so, once I've gotten over my grief and trauma. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who's sent me Twitter love, it's appreciated!)

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Reader comments

Failed review SMASH puny Georgia iPhone


My god I would be so gutted if that was my phone.
Thank you for the review of the case and I really look forward to not purchasing one of those cases.
I think we should get a fund raiser together so we can get Georgia a repair.

About to watch the video. This is a sad day. We should all have a moment of silence on the podcast tonight in honor of Georias poor iPhone 4 :(

Sorry Georgia. :( This should go in the hall of fame next to Leo Laporte dunking his iPhone in water to test a new waterproofing service (also failed).

So sad about the screen cracking, but you can fix that. At least the iPhone was still working, and it can be fixed. Thanks for the honest review Georgia!

Now would be a great time to try out some custom looks on your iPhone!!

I feel so bad for Georgia. ...Definitely not cool to break your phone. However, that was nice review of that product. ...Again, thanks Georgia!

No psycho-self-loathing for you missy, pick them pieces up, toss them in a brown bag, pitch them out with the rest of the riff-raff you have to deal with every day and move it out !!! At least it wasn't your 4S or 5 !! (wishful thinking that you may already have one)....

But, sorry any how..sniff..sniff.. but I got faith....

I think I died a little on the inside, after seeing that. I could see it being fine if it fell on it's back, but that was a belly/face flop. :C

I felt "sick" when the phone was dropped (but then thinking what a great ad)....then felt "sick" again when the results were revealed. I guess the Flubber material was a fail.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Maybe it's a good excuse to get a 4S or that DIY guide is going to come in handy ( :) Should have waited until the new iPhone came out though...

About the case though, I don't think a non-Newtonian material would make a good case for a device with a glass screen because it is the vibrations from the impact that normally shatter the glass. The non-Newtonian material will actually aid in transferring the shock of the impact to the device.

Hi MrC,

The non-Newtonian material Tech21 uses in its cases, D3O, actually provides excellent impact absorption when the impact is against the case. Utilizing D3O allows us to create slim, attractive cases that can provide greater impact protection than the leading brands in market today. We have done head to head drop testing via 3rd party testing facilities to validate the impact absorption capabilities of our products.

D3O is utilized in many industries beyond ours. The US and UK militaries have begun to utilize the material for protective gear. Additionally, motorcycle clothing, tennis rackets, basketball shoes, lacrosse gear, etc. are now being developed utilizing this superior impact absorbing material.

If you were to peruse the D3O website you can see a listing of the many brands, big and small, that are now using this material to provide premium protection in their products:


Tech21 Americas

The only way that stuff could protect your phone, if you smeared a layer across the screen. Ally can show you how to replace the screen, and it will be good as new. So sorry for your trouble. The case company should give you a new phone.

Oh, second thought. To the husband of Georgia, buy her a new phone. This will help you get good points. Trust me, this will be good for you. She will be angry about something you did. When you ask her what you did she will say "you know" well just wipe that confuse look off your face, and say, " but honey I bought you a new phone" she will tear up a little, give you a hug, and all is forgiven. Of course you will never find out what you did, but for now she is happy. Remember, happy wife, happy life.

Sad day! Especially since it wouldn't have been quite so hard if it was mid-to-late September with the next iPhone right around the corner. However, what'd be more interesting would be a video detailing the 5 stages of grief over your iPhone loss as you experience them; kinda like the one with the 3 year-old girl and her goldfish. For the good of the profession, Georgia!

Sorry about your phone but this is your chance to document how easy (?) it is to replace the screen on an iphone. When I broke mine, I purchased a new screen at icracked for about $70US and 1 1/2 hours later had a fully functioning iphone again.

I suggest if you do the repair that you get out all your muffin tins to sequentially store all the screws that come out.

We'd all enjoy the (edited) video, I'm sure.

Georgia runs into the emergency apple store: "SAVE MY BABY! ><"

It was bount to happen sometime... was it the monster truck rally test?

Hi Georgia,

We at Tech21 are very sorry that your first test drop resulted in shattered glass on your iPhone. Our cases, that utilize D3O non-newtonian material, are intended to provide the highest level of protection without all the bulk, for the areas of your iPhone that are covered. The reality of a direct drop on the exposed glass of your iPhone, with all brands of cases in the market, is that you can end up with the same results you experienced.

While Tech21 makes slim cases with true impact protection, your video demonstrates the need for some type of Impact Shield to further protect the vulnerable glass screens on iPhones and iPads. I wouldn't be surprised if such a product were to make its way to the market soon, and into your hands to demonstrate!!

We love your reviews and you so much that we would like to ensure your iPhone is repaired on us this time. Someone from our team will reach out to you directly to ensure this is taken care of for you.

Thank You,
Tech21 Americas