Fantastical 2 update improves notifications, icon badges and more!

Fantastical 2 is one of the premiere iOS 7 calendar applications, and today it's getting an update to make it even more awesome. Top of the list are improvements to the notifications, which now have a sound, and new icon badges options for today's remaining events, today's due reminders, and incomplete reminders. It doesn't stop there either. Here's what else to expect from this latest version:

  • Adding a phone number as a location shows a call button in event details
  • Double-tapping a date picker switches between showing every minute and every five minutes
  • Added a "reminder" and "due" parameter to the URL handler. Example: fantastical2://parse?sentence=Buy%20milk&reminder=1&due=yyyy-MM-dd%20HH:mm
  • Additional parser improvements
  • Performance improvements for iPhone 4
  • Updated time zone database
  • Fixed a display issue with certain Asian languages
  • Fixed Dynamic Type not respecting large type settings from Accessibility
  • Fixed an issue where calendar colors could appear too dark or too light
  • Fixed an issue when editing events with a custom time zone
  • Fixed addresses in notes not opening in Google Maps when they should
  • Various fixes and improvements

Flexibits says that this update should hopefully fix many of the issues reported to them by Fantastical users. Hopefully that's the case for you, but if you've not yet pulled the trigger the good news is that the launch sale price of $2.99 is still in effect. Let me know if this takes care of any of your own bugs, or if it's just more awesome for you to use!

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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There are 29 comments. Add yours.

rtteachr says:

This is one if the few apps I have that have replaced the built in apps.

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draztikrhymez says:

I still need to give this a try

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G.4 says:

Gave it a try. While I agree it is really well done, I prefer Cal since it syncs with my lists, not to mention I prefer the UI for Cal personally. Still, Fantastical is a fantastic app

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kataran says:

Bought it when it first came out I tried it but went back to the Native calendar app

Will check out the update

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sir17reeder says:

I would rather not pay for something that comes free.

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toddshillington says:

just bought the app and after install it grabbed all my current reminders and calendar entries in that 2 apps are replaced with one.

dalyapp says:

I used the Apple calendar up until the iOS 7 update. The lack of a decent list view led me to using fantastical. Got my wife to use it as well.

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SkiPPy087 says:

Love this app. Been looking for a replacement for the stock apple cal and this immediately took spot #1 on my home screen.

Sent from the iMore App

SkiPPy087 says:

Love this app. Been looking for a replacement for the stock apple cal and this immediately took spot #1 on my home screen.

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Becjr says:

I started using Fantastical 2 after reading Rene's article ( I had been using Horizon for a while and felt it was time to step up to a more sophisticated calendar app. So far, Fantastical 2 has fit the bill quite nicely. I'd love for it to be able to display the date right on top of the icon like Apple's calendar app does, but I understand that it cannot.
I've always felt that Apple should provide the best user experience with their default apps, and I really want to only use Apple's apps, but the calendar app is a little too simple for me, so I dropped the cash on Fantastical 2 and I'm ok with my decision. (The weather app is another Apple app that almost was great - I've been using Yahoo! Weather! since before iOS 7 was released.)

nashlib says:

My native calendar is in snooze thanks to fantastical 2. Now with Mac
Sync - too good to resist !!!!

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emjayess says:

I have this app only for the ability to quickly make duplicates of events; otherwise, I use the native Apple calendar because of the superior graphical/spacial view of the day's events. Now, Fantastical can do this when put into landscape mode, but who wants to do that every time you glance at the calendar? Plus, the today's date is a badge instead of on the icon itself. Overall, Fantastical is overrated--especially the new reminders which clutter up the list of events. So, if Apple would just get up to speed with the tap-hold to duplicate an event, I'd only use the native app.

JNGold says:

The calendar app in iOS7 is an awful mess. So bad in fact I have been in the presence of many Apple geniuses that have confirmed that complaints from the "common folk" are coming in hot and heavy. :)

Aergad says:

This is one of those apps that is simply well done. One of the things that I thought was missing from iOS was a combined calendar and reminders (tasks) list. To me, the two just naturally go together. Fantastical 2 finally brings them together for me. And, because it interfaces with the calends and reminder apps, you don't lose out on the builtin iOS functionality. We'll worth the $2.99 price tag.

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Adrian Liu says:

This is a welcome update for me. I missed the tasks badge in the initial release. Fantastical has replaced the stock calendar and reminders app for me.

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Vsundonna says:

I check the iMore app every day to get the latest suggestions for apps. I was reluctant to pay for a calendar app so I first tried Cal by and found all the other fluff stuff to be too distracting (pictures etc). I then bit the bullet & paid for Fantastical 2 and am so glad I did. Such an awesome app. The simplicity & ease of use is top notch. I highly recommend this app.

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metllicamilitia says:

That's a lot of updates, I don't see too much difference for how I use it though. Still one of the best calendar apps I've ever used.

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edgmnt says:

i was stuck on Cal by Any.Do and would never pull the trigger on buying Fantastical (mainly because of the silly name) Glad i reconsidered. Definitely the best Calendar app for iphone for the natural language feature alone

DaMacGuy says:

I have tried quite a few calendar apps and have stuck with Fantastical the longest. The old iOS Calendar app wasn't good enough, and Fantastical provides what I need simply and straightforwardly. The new version adds some healthy functionality. I like that it now incorporates reminders and still harmonizes with the iOS databases. Still one of the best calendar/scheduling apps out there!

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jsntrenkler says:

I love this app, it's fluid intuitive and is my calendar app of choice.

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JNGold says:

If any of you guys have Launch Center Pro, Fantastical's use of URL schemes make it a cinch to create an LCP icon to automatically enter both new events and reminders. For times when talking to Siri just doesn't cut it, the combo of LCP and Fantastical is awesome. They even have a parameter (add=1) that will automatically add the event after the usual parsing logic is done recognizing the details of the new event, relieving the "user" from not having to press save.

You can check out MacStories as Viticci does a great job of documenting these type of URL schemes and also check the Flexibits site as well.

auribe14 says:

I currently use Calendars 5 precisely because of the combined Calendar and Reminder function. What C5 doesn't do, however, is put timed reminders IN the calendar. If Fantastical 2 does that, then I will probably change over. I can't determine, however, from their iTunes page or website if that is the case.

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parker5011 says:

It does.

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asuperstarr says:

I will stay with the built in app.

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songbird says:

I was gifted this app when it was released and since then i've been using it as my go-to calendar and tasks. Apple definitely needs to take note with some 3rd party apps and do some improving. Love Fantastical!

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BeyondtheTech says:

No matter how awesome and functional these third-party apps are, I can't get myself to use them if Apple won't allow them to take over their native versions of their products.

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creativeopinion says:

I bought it today and now i understand why it is the best calendar app out there. Finally cal and reminders in one app.

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Darryl Brian says:

I love that F2 has a list view which is something Apple's Calendar app needs. I was hoping to just continue using Fantastical 1 but it does look dated now that we are in iOS7. I just wish Apple would let 3rd party calendar apps have the current date on their icon too.

Just a thought - since we now have automatic downloads for updated apps couldn't the developer just submit an update everyday with a new icon that has today's date? Probably not bit I thought it was worth bringing up.

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thedoublebarrel says:

I have never understood the hype behind Fantastical. The natural language capabilities were always hit and miss for me, and I found the layout crowded. There was nothing substantial about it that made me want to pay for version 2. In fact, I think there are much better free alternatives to Fantastical.

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