Fantastical for iPhone gets even smarter and faster

Fantastical for iPhone

Fantastical, the fantastically functional calendar app by Flexibits, has just been updated to version 1.1. I've been beta testing it for a while, and as clichéd as it sounds, it really does make the already great app even better.

First up, you can now set multiple alerts when creating new events. Huge time-saver. Speaking of time-savers, you can now tap-and-hold on an event in the list view to get a popup with options to move or duplicate it. Also, if you tap-and-hold the date bar, you get a pop that lets you warp right to any time you choose.

In addition, new settings let you not only highlight weekends, but badge the Fantastical app icon to show the number of events, or the current date.

If you're already using Fantastical for iPhone, go get the update. If you haven't used it yet, grab it now. It's our favorite calendar app for iPhone, and it's currently on sale.

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Rene Ritchie

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Fantastical for iPhone gets even smarter and faster


Tempo? No you can sign in with Facebook if you want or you can sign in with LinkedIn or just create an email account.

Fantastical doesn't require anything if that's what you were asking about. Just pulls everything from your existing calendar in iOS.

+1 Rene. If you use your calendar at all on your iPhone this is the app to have. Well worth the sale price and as much as I use mine it's worth $10. I'm hoping that they come out with a task list or to do app that applies the input method from Fantastical.

The answer to that wouldn't be a separate app but rather have Fantastical integrate with the native iOS reminders so that reminders/tasks could be entered and marked complete within the app. I love using Siri to add reminders and then using a PIM to mark them complete.

I agree wholeheartedly. Syncing with reminders is the ONLY reason that I am currently not using it. Pocket informant Pro (more calendar function than I need, and a bit pricey) but is the only calendar app that I've tried (and admit that I like it a lot) that accesses the Reminders app.

I can deal with separate apps. Fantastical gives me what I need in a Calendar app. Great features and with this update it's almost complete.

Using a separate app for tasks is fine by me and I prefer it that way. I think it's easier to sort through what's going on that day vs what needs to be done. Two app icons on the main page with notifications for both.

Combining the two I think would muddy up the NC and the app badge. What I'm after is the ability to add task to certain list like I can add events to certain calendars in Fantastical. All with one sentence. No separate menus to go through. And yes, it would have to sync with Reminders because I use Siri all the time too.

LOVE Fantastical!! The best app out there, and will worth the price. The calender is sooooo easy to use, and it's very simple to work with!! :D

OK, Rene, i finally went ahead and bought this app....and its pretty great!

I've been reluctant, but only because I was concerned about how easy/difficult it would be for Fantastical to share calendar entries with the native Calendar app. I really depend on iCloud syncing so my wife and i can see our schedules. I also use Siri all the time to create calendar entries.

I really didn't want to spend money on an app that could potentially break either of those processes...but i took a chance because the Calendar app is the only native iOS app i really hate (seriously, Apple needs to really reevaluate the layout).

So far, everything syncs up perfectly, and it was just a matter of clicking a button for the app to access the native Calendar and Contacts app.

I actually think Fantastical is very mediocre as a calendaring app. It does one thing well, VERY well actually, and that's new appointments. I sometimes go to it just to enter a new appointment. That's where it stops though. As a way to see my schedule, get a sense of my day or week, ... it sucks. It's worse than almost any other app out there, include the Apple default app.

I love enter appointments, but that's where its usefulness stops.

I really can't say enough good things about Fatastical for iOS. I hated the Day Ticker until they added a way to show all days, even days without events. Thanks to this latest update, I love it. And the way the events list scrolls is outstanding. You can indefinitely scroll the events list or scroll the calendar or the Day Ticker. It all works so smoothly and so quickly.

Fantastical is absolutely superb.