Fantastical for iPhone updated, new settings and other improvements

Fantastical for iPhone updated, new settings and other improvements

The popular and totally awesome calendar app Fantastical for iPhone has been updated with a new setting that allows you to display only one day at a time in the event list. The default setting is an infinite list that shows all future events. A few bugs in Fantastical have also been addressed.

For users who sync their iPhones with an Exchange account, you will no longer be able to add multiple alerts to your events since Exchange actually doesn't support this feature. And issues with time zones has also been fixed as well as incorrect text coloring and too many characters in the DayTicker in some languages.

Fantastical for iPhone has been my favorite calendar since its debut and the new setting makes it even better. I was never a fan of the infinite list because I could easy get lost or overwhelmed with seeing future plans all at a glance and much prefer only seeing one day of events at a time.

What about you? Do you like the small update to Fantastical? If you don't use Fantastical, what calendar app do you use?

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Fantastical for iPhone updated, new settings and other improvements


I use the stock calendar app on the iPhone and have never had any trouble. My wife and I share an iCloud account so we both can update it and it syncs across our computers and phones.

This syncs with iCloud. Don't see how this would affect you. As far as I know, this app does everything and more than the stock.

I've heard great things about this app, but I'm not interested in any app that is not universal and is not made for Mac OSX.

There's a Mac version as well. Quite useful as it lives in the task bar and makes calendar viewing and updates more edfficient than using iCal.

Still waiting for a "Day View" that matches the native app with a visual/spatial representation of the day's events (not just those dang colored dots!).....then it truly would be the best calendar app.

While I think Fantastical is a great calendar app, if you're used to using the web version of Google Calendar, you'll be happier with Calendars+ as it looks exactly the same. I still keep Fantastical on my iPhone for voice entry of events...but for looking at my calendar, I prefer Calendars+

I'd like to see it have all day events represented by a bar in the month view, similar to Week Calendar or Calvetica. I really can't get any sense of my schedule for the week (or month) with just a quick glance.

I tried hard to use this calendar but can't stop going back with WeekCalendar. I cant live without the templates I created which make things faster for me

I still just use the stock app. I tried the free trial of fantastical for the mac and liked it but I can't justify buying the Mac and iOS versions. Just don't see enough of a benefit over the stock ones.

I float back and forth between the default Calendar app and Fantastical, but to be honest, I really don't need anything beyond the default calendar.

They need to scrap the day ticker thing (or redesign it), it's useless. They also need a graphical day or week view (like...every other calendar app out there?).

I love Fantastical's potential. It's the best experience for entering a new event for sure, and the agenda list is fine...but they aren't quite there yet.

Looking forward to using the x-callback support! I honestly think that's an awesome feature to add; did not see that coming.
I also agree with others, Tempo seemed like it was going to be a really awesome idea, but just ended up being a bit disappointing. I'm hoping they'll be some updates down the line that really improve it.

I downloaded and tried it again today but still not doing custom repeating appointments correctly so I'll stick with Agenda for now. Example, if you say "staff meeting at 6 pm Thursday repeating the 4th Thursday of each month, you'll get an appt for this Thursday at 6 pm, then an appt at 6 pm on the 28th of every month.

I need something that works across all three of my devices (MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone), that syncs with Google and Exchange and supports color coding of events within a single calendar. Any suggestions?

Just bought this app and added it to my arsenal of important apps. I really am glad to have gotten it. Love the UI and ease of use. Thank you iMore for the recommendation. It just took me awhile to get it.

Yea the important part is that it is complex yet simple. I hate calendar apps that make adding events a chore by being too fancy; therefore, make you jump through hoops to do even the most simplest of tasks.

Right now I use the native Calendar app for my needs. Especially since most of my tasks/appointments are scheduled within our own scheduling client application (synced over exchage) rather than on phone... But I have been thinking about trying some of the paid calendar apps out there and see what they offer over the native app. From the looks of it, Fantastical looks like it does a lot more. Gonna try and locate full length reviews of the application...

Fantastical is definitely the leading app out there. I have been using it since it was released pretty much and I never even use my default calendar app. It does everything you could need it to do, and it is also visually appealing. It is definitely worth giving a try.

I've tried several calendar and task type apps and always gravitate back to the built in apps. Not because I prefer it, but because I feel like Apple has successfully backed me into a corner. If I want it to "just work" like it should, I have to play with their toys.

Fantastical is really a wonderful app. I don't believe I have used the default iOS calendar since installing it.

I've tried to love this app but I always go back to the stock calendar. The slow load time and just it's overall look did it in for me. Granted the stock app looks well boring :) but it works best for me. Maybe I'll go back some time before now, stock baby stock!

I've been using this as my main calendar app ever since the last update.
I wish apple would allow these dev to place the current date on the actual icon :/

Fantastical has been by far my most used productivity app. I have been using fantastical for about 4 months and love all the great feature. With the new update I like being able to have one day up at a time, but I still like the month calander as my default.

Oops, I meant having the extra events all in one area as default. (Not the month calendar view) I like to know what is coming up next. Having only events for selected day feels limited.

I would recommend this app to almost anyone. That is, anyone without the 'OCD' I do.
Let me explain, I'm the type of person that is all about ease of use. The only thing that annoyed me about this app, was the lack of being able to use Siri to control it. Every morning I tend to ask Siri what my day looks like, and that's not quite possible with Fantastical. Anyone who can get over this slight annoyance, definitely look into the app.

This is not only the best calendar apps on iOS, but one of the best 3rd party apps period. I love this application. I also picked it up for my 13" rMBP and use it all the time. Great times saver and very fast and fluid.

I use two calendar apps: iCal traditionally, and during academic months I revert back to istudiez pro.
Istudiez has a calendar app that looks almost identical to stock app but also automatically pulls the info while allowing classes to be scheduled with a "todo" feature incorporated; useful for assignments. This way, beginning of a semester rolls around and I have all the assignment due dates entered with reminders set for milestones of assignments. Grades put in too.
And again, it pulls all info from iCal so I truly see everything. Only thing missing is the ability to have notification center show the schedule, or iCal pulling from istudiez

Starting my third month on iOS. Where is a freemium or lite version of Fantastical? I am not ready to pay for any app that does not allow a free trial. I really like Sunrise's layout (patiently waiting for Exchange support) and Tempo's support for multiple Exchange servers (one for work and one for home). Even though I do not prefer Tempo's agenda view (I prefer a traditional calendar view), I would gladly fork over $5 for either Sunrise or Tempo, because I got a chance to see how they work. After 2+ years I learned Windows Phone (v7.0, v7.5 and v8.0) doesn't have much as far as apps go, but its calendar client integration blows iOS away. I will keep looking for something better. Thanks for the review.

I never used original calendar on my iphone, it just felt dull and complicated to enter something in it. I bought Fantastical and I love it and use it regulary. Also the new feauters are always welcome!

This is an amazing app, and it has completely replaced the stock Calendar app on my iPhone. <3 Love it!

I run with CalenGoo simply because it is the only Calendar app that syncs completely with Google Calendar. In my family of 4 we all have event colors instead of separate calendars and I need those colors to show up on my iphone just as they do on the Web. CalenGoo is still the only app to this day that can offer color sync to iPhone. I'll admit that I wish they would change some of the look and feel of the app, but for that one service alone I will stick with them. If everyone else could figure out how to do this it would change the Calendar Game forever........

Even though I don't schedule enough events to qualify using a calendar (or maybe because all the ones I have tried don't cut the mustard for me) I still am willing to try Fantastical. I downloaded the free demo on my main machine and enjoyed it. I went ahead and purchased the IOS version and may end up with the desktop version. Nice review, it convinced me enough that I used your link to download.

All sounds "fantastic" but the whole point of calendars on IOS is that they are everywhere. If I can't use it in my Ipad I am not sure it is worth it - not until this is addressed.

I agree Team George. I love my Apple Calendar app because it syncs with my wife's phone and my computer. It is seamless. If I add an appointment my wife sees it in her calendar so our schedules are synched together. I don't see the need to pay for another calendar app even though I have read great things about Fantastical. Maybe I am missing something.