How fast is your iPad 3G on AT&T?

iPad 3G on AT&T speed test

How fast is your iPad Wi-Fi + 3G on AT&T? Dieter is testing his out and the results so far don't seem too shabby. We've seen the plastic top strip meant to allow better, stronger radio signals and we've seen about all the details in the iPad 3G tear down, but real-world results are what matter here so run your favorite speed test, website or app, tell us which one your run, and let us know your results.

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How fast is your iPad 3G on AT&T?


Maybe over 3G, but it definitely isn't limited over WiFi. I have 7mbps upload speed at home and it uploads videos to YouTube in seconds.
Also, what can you really expect over 3G?? People download a lot more than they upload, so it's not really a big deal.

i don't understand why apple has to limit upload speeds. I know its apple and not at&t because on my at&t laptop connect card i am getting 1.1 down and 2.1 up.

The fastest 3G connection I've measured on my iPad was around 700kb/s.
The slowest was around 200 or 270kb/s.
Those are download speeds. I don't usually pay any attention to or measure upload speeds. The one time I did, the speed was around 200 or maybe 280kb/s.
I just used the SpeedTest.Net app and, even in my home where my Pre hardly gets any Sprint signal at all, the iPad's speeds were:
849kbps DOWNLOAD
228kbps UPLOAD

In San Francisco I am getting 70 k down 39 k up. .. Returning the iPad 3G and getting a wifi one.

Firstly I live in the Upper Pen of Michigan and the ATT signal here is mostly 2 or 3 bars… out of 5.
Got my IPad 3G Friday last and have noticed abysmal download speeds (WIFI) at 93 kbps… using Speedtest .net.
I immediately called Apple tech support to see if,
1.) This was an issue.
2.) If there was a fix.
3.) … and if Apple will go by the way of Toyota in a recall…
Not surprisingly, none of these questions got an answer.
While the tech, an assumable Apple Genius put me on hold for 5 minutes to see about my issue, I Googled the question only to see an albeit limited number of reported problems with the WIFI with some interesting fixes ranging form adjusting your “Screen Brightness” to a “Full wipe and reload” that may or may not have helped in the download speeds.
I did ask for a case number on the issue… the tech did not offer one.
Shortly thereafter, I blew $15.00 to see if there was better reception with an ATT cellular connection. My results were much different today than just a few days ago… WIFI
Download: 1825 kbps
Upload: 2065 kbps
Not great but… ATT (showing all 5 bars…)
Download: 127 kbps
Upload 90 kpbs
With computers and the like, swings in reception are a cause for concern of the source…

Fast. Usually around 2.6mbps down/290kbps up. 5 bars everywhere, and things have been just fine.
Sucks to be you, San Francisco. Stop suing and blocking new cell towers and cool it with the lengthy and expensive 'environmental reviews.' Seriously, folks.

I can't believe there are so few responses to these inquiries, when a million iPad's have been sold. Hm.

I live in tampa florida an have an ipad 3g and a verizon 3g laptop card.... My ipad speed test was about half of what thenoriginal articles post had but my verizon 3g is blazing fast 3mb and upload speed is 6 times as fast as my ipad at&t.....interesting huh....luckly my verizon 3g was purchased when the plans were truly unlimited i use it as primary internet at about 60 gig a month including torrents and havent got banned...fingers crossed

In Harrisburg, PA, I average about 2.5 megabits per second download. I've peaked at about 5.1 megabits.

The fastest 3G download speed I've obtained is 290KB/s. The fastest upload speed has been about 35KB/s. I have the grandfathered unlimited data plan, and I live in a remote area of Illinois. :P

I usually get around 115k down which sadly is about the same speed I get on my T-mobile phone which only has edge here. BAD AT&T!

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