Feedly goes pro, gives you more in your RSS for $5 a month

From this morning when you log in to your Feedly account, there's going to be a new Pro option for you to upgrade to should you wish. The new $5 a month or $45 a year account promises more security, more search and more support. Better still, the first 5,000 people to upgrade will have the option of a $99 lifetime subscription. The full list of perks, from Feedly:

Article search - Search within your Feedly feeds.

https - Add a layer of security to your Feedly browsing.

Evernote - One-click save to any of your Evernote notebooks.

Premium Support - Get bumped to the front of the support line.

For heavy Feedly users, this sounds reasonably enticing. But, we're not expecting it to be necessary to upgrade for the vast majority of users. The free experience is more than adequate, and now we're seeing third-party clients pick up the Feedly API, the choice is improving all the time on how you want to read your news feeds. If you're thinking of upgrading though, drop us a line in the comments and tell us why!

Source: Feedly

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Reader comments

Feedly goes pro, gives you more in your RSS for $5 a month


Use Feedly multiple times everyday for a long list of blogs, news sites, etc. and honestly this would be a waste of money. Sending articles to Evernote would be nice, but certainly not worth $5/mo. For me, a heavy user, the Pro perks would have to be much better.

It is not worth it right now for casual or light readers but those readers are not the ones consuming most of Feedly resources. The heavy users do and with the promises of more features coming to Pro soon, it might be worth it for those folks. Feedly's team need the money to keep working on Feedly and I'd be gladly to support if they add a few more features first but the 99$ is tempting if they do get more powerful. It's cheaper in the long run but it's all about taking a leap of faith with them.

The article search is first feature that I like, they could do so much more, but marking all related articles as read would be nice to have. This consume a lot of CPU and dedicated severs, so I can totally understand the cost here.

Folks need to understand that free services can't last without a business model, so hopefully, Feedly Pro is enough to keep them in business in a while. Even 10K paid users is a lot better than 1M users, it can feed their families at least.

For heavy users, Feedly is pretty much the best out there with no restrictions, I found many others free/paid services to have limits that were not acceptable. The fact that Feedly can do so much more for free is what makes them awesome.

Hopefully as Feedly Pro gets more features, they'll start putting some of the features on the free service like the HTTPS feature. Over time, they can just put more Pro features into the free services as supporting them becomes cheaper over time.

I am all for supporting the devs of something I use every day. How about $20 for one year? You can keep the pro features. That seems to be the going rate for most 3rd party Mac apps and I tend to re-evaluate my software use annually. Monthly fees add up and get lost / forgotten about.

Feedly has been my Google Reader replacement -- I scan approximately 250 articles per day with it. IF only it had a simple search function, I'd be good. However, the $99 lifetime or $5 per month is a bit much for that one simple function...

I am tempted to do the $99/lifetime. Not because I like the current slate of features that much - though the search is nice - but because I think that they will add more things, and maybe move some currently free features over to pro to make it more enticing, and it would be nice to have all that for free going forward. I wish they'd put together a better pro feature pack to start though.