Ferrari shows off CarPlay with awful resistive touchscreen

Ferrari shows off CarPlay with awful resistive touchscreen

Since the announcement of Apple's CarPlay we've seen details emerge about how the system will work in the vehicles of both Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, and now Ferrari has shown off its system as well. While it works just like the systems in Volvo and Mercedes cars, it appears that the Ferrari system also utilizes a resistive touchscreen, which requires users to press firmly to register touches. CarPlay is integrated into the exisitng Ferrari dashboard setup, allowing users to choose between CarPlay and the Ferrari infotainment system, according to Engadget:

Once it's connected, Ferrari will continue to utilize its own infotainment system, but users can load CarPlay by hitting a dedicated dashboard button, allowing all touch and voice inputs to be diverted to your iPhone. This loads the CarPlay dashboard, which features a familiar array of icons and services you'll recognize from your iPhone. From here, it's a case of using the touchscreen or calling upon Siri to load each of the services -- the latter of which can be summoned with the Siri Eyes Free button located on the reverse of the steering wheel.

What do you think of Ferrari's CarPlay system, and its resistive screen? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

Ferrari shows off CarPlay with awful resistive touchscreen


Actually, he was right. He is saying it is. You would use "its" when you would saying something like, "He touched its screen".

How about we comment on the actual article than having people act like they are master spell checkers.

With that being said, the restrictive screen wouldn't bother me that much. I'd be lucky to drive a Ferrari!

Nexus 5... enough said

You're right. I was just clarifying for him the difference. I'm totally with you though. The fact that I'm in a Ferrari is good enough. Doesn't matter if I have tap a little harder on the screen than usual.

"What do you think of Ferrari's CarPlay system, and it's resistive screen? Let us know below in the comments."

How about telling us what YOU think? Your title says a lot but never gives details about your opinion.

There is a lot of sense in using a technology that doesn't require the capacitance of your finger to operate. This way Ferrari can continue selling you that lovely range of leather and suede driving gloves to accompany your new automotive purchase. Resistive technology may be old fashioned but it works well and the glass on glass type is just as robust as the capacitive screens.

Yep. One of the ugliest things I have EVER clapped eyes on.
iOS7 looks bad enough on a phone, it'll gel well with the next car that Fisher Price release tho.

You do realize that putting the 'bye' at the end makes you look REALLY juvenile, right? That's about as bad as 'try harder'.

He's absolutely right. That car needs something more mature and professional like Touchwiz. Oh well, maybe we'll see Touchwiz in a Kia.

Sent from the iMore App

totally agree. It looks out of place next to carbon fiber dash boards. Maybe if they simply made every icon grey or something sleek but the colors clash with the car.

Best to use Siri Eyes Free, really. But yeah, it's surprising that Ferrari didn't go with the capacitive touchscreen. For just a few bucks more, presumably.

I actually prefer the so-called "fisher-price" look when compared to the awful, busy, and complicated OEM UI's. My in-laws both have no problem using their iPhones, but when it comes to their BMW in-dash display, they have no clue. Even I had issues figuring out BMW's UI.

My mother just got an iPhone 5 (a hand-me-down) from me and she loves it. She's 72 years old, not the most computer literate and has zero problems using the phone. No issues with the
UI at all.

Resistive does work better with leather driving gloves. And if you're not wearing driving gloves in a Ferrari, you're not really driving it.

Kidding aside, like every touch screen I've ever seen in any car, it looks awful. Buick showed us in the 80's that touchscreens in cars were a terrible idea and it still is. Make the entire car as disposable as your phone, no wonder manufacturers are all over it.


My car has a resistive touchscreen and works great with gloves (it also has buttons/knobs for controlling the screen).

I definitely prefer it to a capacitive touchscreen when driving since it lets you adjust target acquisition without triggering accidental presses.

Am I the only one who thinks the fact you have to plug the phone in via Lightning is a non-starter?? There are no details like where does this lightning cable live on the dash, where do you put your phone once it's plugged in, etc?? Sounds very awkward to me. Is there a technology reason why the data/voice cannot be transmitted over Bluetooth between CarPlay and the phone?? I gotta see the actual implementation before I can give CarPlay a thumbs up.

Who gives a shit? You're sitting in a Ferrari.

You'll be too busy fending off all the pussy coming your way to care about a resistive touch screen.