Fido lights up LTE in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s

Canada's Fido network has just announced that LTE is now live and delivering ultra-fast data in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s. Their first device will be a mobile hotspot, but given the new iPad is carrier unlocked and LTE ready, and that the rumored iPhone 5 is rumored to have an LTE radio, it's just one more LTE option for Apple mobile device users in Canada to consider.

As of today, Rogers LTE devices are capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and Rogers customers are experiencing typical download speeds from 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps for most devices, or even up to 40 Mbps for select devices on the Rogers LTE network, which supports 2600 MHz spectrum for LTE connectivity.

Fido, of course, Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers, which has had LTE for a while now, so why it's taken so long and why they're still treated so separately are questions that nag in the back of many users minds. But it has and they are, and these are carriers we're talking about, so it's not likely to change any time soon.

Fido does promise LTE will hit more areas in the coming months. Let's hope there's at least a few more populous ones by September 12...

Anyone planning on upgrading or switching to LTE on Fido?

Source: Fido

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Fido lights up LTE in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s


There is no reason why Fido doesn't have equal LTE coverage as Rogers, since Fido is a discount brand owned by Rogers!!!! Most likely there are way too many people on the grandfather unlimited plans that they didn't want to offer LTE.

I love how other networks turn on LTE in relatively major cities on the level of Toronto and Montreal and mine, Sprint, is turning it on in places i've barely heard of. I'm sure they are nice places but i'd think they'd start in the denser population areas to get more bang for their buck. I'd start in New York, LA, Chicago and Houston. But that's me. Cause i like money. To be fair they did get Houston. But i'd have started with more cities where there are lots of people not places i'd have to google to find on a map.