Everyone can make music with Figure for iPhone

Figure is a great new app that puts music creation into the hands of everyone, even non-musicians. It has a very unique interface that's easy to use and makes creating music a lot of fun. You slide your finger around a pad to play bass and lead, and tap columns to play the drums.

What makes Figure so great for non-musicians is that you will always be in the correct key and play to the beat. You get to be creative with the pitch and tones, but Figure will always make sure that your choices are "correct" musically.

For base and lead, you can choose from many different rhythm styles and timing, specify the range of notes you want the pad to represent, and select how many steps you want in an octive. Switching into landscape will remove all the distractions of the controls and give you more room to move your finger precisely where you want it on the pad.

For drums, you get to play kick, snare, hats, and cowbell and choose how many of each are played in a measure if you hold your finger down.

Hitting record will let you layer the three different instrument types and it will automatically loop your song. You can make adjustments in real time so that you're fully away of how your changes affect your song. The types of changes you can do include the tempo and key. You can also add pump so that your song sounds like club music.

This one of those types of apps that you need to see in action, so make sure you check out the video below!

The Good

  • Puts music making in the hands of everyone, even non-musicians
  • Musicians will still enjoy it
  • Landscape mode lets you focus on your pattern
  • Always in key and on beat
  • Bass & lead parts use Reason’s Thor synthesizer
  • Drums powered by Reason’s Kong drum machine

The Bad

  • Can't save music
  • Can't share music

The bottom line

Figure is a really fun and surprisingly addicting app. Creating music has never been so easy, and it's a great way for non-musicians to get a feel for creating music and beats.

$0.99 - Download Now

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Reader comments

Everyone can make music with Figure for iPhone


I'm not the pro but i love to create music in simple ways. Figure seems to be the best app i've ever seen so far that would fit my needs.
I ve NEVER bought an app for iPhone (and no jailbreak...) and this one would be the first in my life. I am to pay even 5 or 10 usd/eur/whatever if i could
-save to mp3 or something
-save a project for later edition
-export in some nice editable format for pc (optional)

I bought this app today... Awesome! Great UI, really fast. I've been playing with it for hours...
The only problems: can't save creations and/or share.