FileMaker shutters Bento products on September 30

FileMaker shuttering Bento products on September 30

Bento, the consumer-oriented database offering from Apple subsidiary FileMaker, is being discontinued on September 30. Bento offered users the ability to create databases using existing or custom templates for various types of information, and integrated with OS X's Calendar and Contacts applications. The discontinuation was announced in a statement by FileMaker:

FileMaker, Inc. is increasing its focus on FileMaker Product Line software. Thanks to the ease of creating iPad and iPhone solutions, our customers' use of FileMaker on iOS is growing rapidly. Our increased focus will create an even better experience for these customers.

As part of our sharpened focus, we will stop further development of the Bento consumer products.

For Bento users, this news is certainly disappointing. Many relied on Bento for database management of projects, contacts, clients, and events. And while FileMaker Pro for desktop and the FileMaker Go apps for iPhone and iPad can fill some of the void, they're also more difficult to use for most users, lack certain features like calendar and contacts integration, and, most importantly for some, they are priced much higher than Bento. FileMaker Pro costs $299, while Bento costs $49.

As unfortunate as this is, it also makes sense that FileMaker would turn their focus to their flagship product line. FileMaker Pro hasn't seen an update since April of 2012, while the iOS apps have been idle since September.

If you're a Bento user, are you surprised by this announcement? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us what you plan to do in the wake of this decision.

Source: FileMaker

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FileMaker shutters Bento products on September 30


For me Bento was always one of those products with a lot of unrealized potential. I used it and found it somewhat useful and somewhat frustrating. But it's been apparent for quite some time that the product had stagnated, and it comes as no great surprise that they're shutting it down.

Well, glad I switched to Tap Forms a few weeks ago! It has iCloud syncronization (albeit only when you invoke a sync yourself) and better export functionality anyway. The only downsides are that its forms are more difficult to create (which also means they are more customize-able... so almost a moot point) and not nearly as pretty as Bento.

I, too, recently switched to Tap Forms, which already does the job better than Bento. I won't miss it, bit I was only using the iOS version.

I just recently started using Bento for my art gallery and have my entire inventory in Bento for Mac. What would be the next best thing that can import all of my data from Bento? Having to re-enter it will be a time consuming nightmare. Any suggestions are welcome!

I never really liked Bento. Everything I could do in Bento, I could also do with the free tools preinstalled on my Mac. There was nothing Bento really offered that made it worth $50.

I used the iPad app to keep track of job submissions....then it fell by the wayside. It's a bit ironic that I recently realized the app was still on my iPad, but it hasn't been used in awhile.

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Bad news Bento*, This will make me sad, although I agree the full potential was never realized.
I am an avid collector, and enjoyed cataloging my collections. I most definitely will be searching for more than "adequate" software...I'll be back with my findings!! (if I am lucky to find suitable replacement!!)

Hi Iamcomputer2013. Dabitat just launched in beta, and application use is currently free. Dabitat is a bento alternative, please take a look ( and report back if you like what you find (or don't).

Thanks for checking us out!

Not too sure what everyone else's needs are, but I THINK**** I found a solid replacement for MY needs.-(traveler-collecter-ebay user of course former Bento user)

I found a project running on Indiegogo its NOT OUT YET!!!!!
I'm interested in it especially because I can add videos to my travel log easier.

I posted earlier about looking at replacements for Bento.

I've been using bento as a travel log, and for recipes.

here ya go!It says- early sign up gives you cool free perks,

ya welcommmmmee!