Final Fantasy III for iPhone hits App Store... at $16

Final Fantasy III for iPhone hits App Store... at $16

Final Fantasy III, which debuted in 1990, has just hit the App Store and is now available for iPhone and iPod touch (or pixel doubled on iPad if you really have to) for... $15.99. It features:

  • New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences exclusive to the iPhone/iPod touch
  • Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to Square Enix's iPhone RPGs
  • Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game records
  • New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards
  • Retina Display compatible

Now Finally Fantasy III is absolutely a classic that you can spend ours of your day (and night!) on, but $16 is much more expensive than pretty much any other iPhone game I can remember. Is this just a temporary price point aimed to make money off the biggest fans and early adopters or is Square trying to see if they can push iOS prices higher and more in line with portable gaming console prices?

Some of you tell us you want better games and don't mind paying a higher price, so is this what you had in mind? If so and you grab it let us know what you think of the game. If not, let us know what you think of the price!

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Reader comments

Final Fantasy III for iPhone hits App Store... at $16


Wow, let's hope this isn't the start of a pricing trend. No FF III for me, thank you very much.

Giving final fantasy 3 away on my YouTube channel. Look for FreiteezPro. If anyone is interested :) good chance of winning too. Not too many people enter my giveaways.

I played through ff1 on my iphone and it was a lot of fun, there were some definite annoying features to it though. I do want to get this one as well, but I think I'm going to plug it into app shopper and wait for a sale/price drop. Don't think I'm willing to pay more than $10 for it.

Isn't that the price point of Chaos Rings? How can they charge so much for a port? Square should get realistic. The thing they aren't taking into play is when they lower the price, all the 13 year olds will give it a one star review because "OMGZ!!11! It's cheaper now!!11! I hate you square!"

Looks like a great remake/port of an excellent game. That said, I will not be buying it at that price.
On the brighter side: Chaos Rings is temporarily 5 bucks! So finally I decided to purchase it. Great game so far, definitely worth the temporary sale price. (FF1 and FF2 are also on sale).

I'm tired of remakes. This seems to be a trend in movies, and now gaming. How about bringing over some of today's blockbuster games instead of going years backwards. What's next? Mist?

I don't have a problem paying the higher price for such a popular game. Heck, the version on the DS sold originally for $40 and the graphics on the iOS version are WAY better. My personal opinion is that folks have gotten too used to the $0.99 and $1.99 games. Very few of the big development studios are going to want to invest into new IP and/or porting existing IP over to the iOS at that price point.

I'm part of the same crowd. I would love to buy it, but I'm not spending that much on it. I agree we've become accustomed to the cheap prices. But let's not forget that there are not a huge amount of people who buy te device TO play games. But the games are a nice bonus.
So people look to play these games in their spare time. Waiting rooms and such. So $14.99 is extremely expensive for someone who is only looking for something to pass the hours while waiting for something.

The reason games can be $30 - 40 on the DS is licensing. Do you know how expensive it is to license a product to Nintendo? A LOT. A freaking LOT.
The fact that there's so much more profit to be made from the Apple market speaks volumes about its reasoning for pricing the games at the level they're at. They take 30% of the margin, but you don't have to package a game, arrange for shipping, deal with shipped out product that sits on a shelf.
On the iPad you have a digitally distributed copy that requires no licensing (square is a dev that seems to be doing a BIT more than just Final Fantasy 3), no physical production, no manual production, no costs to market in store at various locations, no tv marketing, nothing.
So $30 for a DS should be closer to $10 on the iOS market, and that's even giving them slack.
Yes, we shoudl pay more for good games. That's why World of Goo at $10 and S&S for $5 are BARGAINS for me. They're worth it for the experience. But this? A port? With no extraneous costs to make it happen like I mentioned before? No. $10 yes, $15 no.

If this was FF4, FF6, or FF9 we were talking about, then MAYBE I'd bite and thus be "part of the problem." ;)

Hope they do incredibly bad with this game, the app store is not meant to have 16$ games so go somewhere else with your overpriced remakes

Bring it on! I don't think i'll be getting it (but I have made use of the Square Enix sale) but it's not a bad price for a decent game. If iOS games are treated as a serious industry surely iOS will get better games.

iOS games ARE a serious industry. They're just based on volume. Less profit per sale but way more sales.

Expensive but this is an Actual game and a long one at that. $16 is high but I think we have all gotten a little too used to $.99 for "minigames" (besides a small handful quality games for $.99)

THIS is why iPhone will never become a true HANDHELD gaming device.
People complain no matter what. they complain cause there arent great quality games on iPhone, but when the games do show up in the store, they expect classics like FFIII to cost as much as Angry Birds or iFart.
$16 is not really that steep if you compare it to the games out there selling between $30-$60 on consoles and handhelds.
If youre a true games , then you should forget about 16 $0.99 games and invest in a quality game like FFIII, this will open the doors for more developers to port over classic games to iPhone.
At the end of the day, most will realize that iPhone is not a true gaming device and thats why Nintendo & Sony will be successfull with their 3DS & XperiaPlay respectively.

And Angry Birds has proved that there's a TON of money to be made off 99 cent games. You don't have to charge $50+ to be successful (PS3 developers- are you listening?)

Its easy to sell $0.99 games, doesnt mean a whole lot of profit for developer nor does it indicate QUALITY of the games.
My point is , iPhone will always be the platform for $0.99 games!

You're essentially trying to compare two different classes of games here. FF3 falls into the deep development, story, graphics, controls, musical score all being worked on at a professional level. Angry Birds on the other hand is more akin to a Flash game like the ones on Newgrounds and scattered everywhere else through out the internet with free access. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Angry Birds isn't creative but I am saying that the depth of the game just isn't anywhere near the level a game like FF3 even with it being a port/remake/expanded version.

I do understand how different Angry Birds vs FF series are.
Im just stating the fact that as long as people are too cheap to pay for quality console game portovers, iPhone will remain more as a mobile gaming device, instead of a handheld gaming device trying to compete with Nintendo & Sony. Keep in mind, lacking the physical controller is a big hit against iPhone, but if people gonna have the "anything for $1 is too much "-mentality, then we will not see iPhone as a TRUE competitor to DS/3DS/Xperia.

My reply wasn't to you.
But yes, I do agree with iOS being limited without a controller. I'd really like to see Apple make it easier to interface for the groups that have been working on add-on controllers without the need to jailbreak.

Come on guys 16 $ i wish DS games cost that much. The Appstore has given people the sense that anything over 10$ is too expensive.

$15.99 for a game I MIGHT play a few times on my iPhone? It better NOT be a trend. An iPad specific version maybe. It is larger and a better gaming experience. Some of these games I am noticing do not tranlate to the iPhone very well. Too much going on in the little screen. Angry birds had the better route: Develope a game more additicting than crack, and sell it for $0.99. Wait, isn't that the way real drug dealers do it??

No i don't buy for that price for a remake and ps1 game graphics which i used to play time ago. There's more games cheeper with better graphics.

It's a final fantasy alright, the one where they think I'm going to pay that much for a game on my phone, or even the iPad. I'm not willing to pay over 9.99 and that's pushing it. Although I was never a gamer to begin with. Just isn't worth it to me, it could at least work on both platforms.

I have to say that a game experience like FF3 is leagues beyond the majority of iphone offerings. And if a big game is what you are after $16 is steep only in comparison to other apps that frankly don't compare. The platform can't grow for full-fledged games with such resistance to anything over a couple dollars. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love to grab it on sale, but knowing the game and Square's overall quality, that price is a steal.

I give away the Game of the Week EVERY week on my YouTube channel and this game just happens to be the game of the week so I'm gonna review and be giving it away. YouTube is FreiteezPro if anyone is interested in winning a $16 game. (I pay for the games out of my own pocket)

FF III was one of the best games of my childhood and reading this brought back many a fond memory :) However it saddens me that it is $16 as I am not paying more than $10 for an iPhone game. If it was in native resolution on the iPad I may consider the purchase.

If you buy this app at this price you are only supporting other apps to charge ridiculous prices. F that!!! Free to 4.99 is for me.

That's not how it works. Every developer knows approximately how much they can charge to be able to sell their apps.
If you think that people buying this at $16 will result in the next "cut the rope" or "angry birds" costing $10 , you're wrong , dead wrong!
A game with such depths and great storyline and awesome graphics , customized fir iOs , is a bargain at $16.
You will get alot more out of this , than the last 16 games you bought for $1 each ;)

Way too much IMO. For those of you who are comparing this to a ds game, what you aren't accounting for is that with ds games you can loan, give away, and sell them. You aren't able to do that with iOS games. Furthermore, when you buy a ds game you get it in a box with a manual. If they had Photoshop on iOS would you pay $600 for it?

Art: I don't agree. Most developers will see this game selling well at $16 and then bump the price of their $.99 app to $15. Expensive games like this are bad for the consumer.

What are you talking about? Squareenix has their own library of games, and almost all of them are classic and very well known. Why would other knock-offs raise their price of their crappy games? Even if they did, would you buy a game for, say, $4.99 that used to be $.99? FFIII is not expensive, but reasonable for a game that was the zenith of its kind.

I am in. I don't care how much this game costs, I am a true Final Fantasy fan, and I am buying this game for me and for my sister. I don't care if people say if there is the exact same game for the DS, I still prefer having it on my f**king PHONE and play it anywhere. WHy do people think $16 is too much? You people payed $200-$600 for your phone and think a game like this, which is very well known, well developed, and well designed is too expensive? I don't need to have 15 of $0.99 games in my phone- they all suck and gets me bored after 30 minutes. Pray all you want, but trust me, the game won't go lower than $10 on sales. Even FF1 and II didn't go lower than 30% of the original price when they were on sale. True FF fan, or GTFO.

I bought the game the day it was released. Thought for like 2 seconds "Wait for a sale", then I pressed the buy button. This IS a Square Enix game after all, these guys are the mastera when it comes to J-RPGs. The game only got released on the DS, I couldn't play it till now. You know that DS has two screens, so they had to redo the entire thing? Controls, graphics, everything. And how good it runs on an iPod from 2009.
It brings A LOT more fun then Angry Birds too, so 13€ is a steal.

15 bucks is quite pricey. But 6 to 10 would be more like it. They want to make moeny and apple takes a third of the profit. but infity blade looks a lot better and it is 5.99 so they need more competitive price.

I finished the game but do not know how to unlock the Iron Giant as it is very different from nintendo ds

Wow, to expensive this is a $30 game. If you Dumbasses fail to realize this is a full fledge game and not a crappy $.99 cent game then get a DS and then maybe you'll be more grateful for the pricing.