Find all the iPhone 5 chatter in the iMore forums!

iPhone 5!

It's iPhone 5 day, and the iMore forums are bursting with people chatting about their new phones. Whether it be issues needing some advice, praise for new features, or any number of other topics, you're sure to find it in our forums.

Over in the iPhone Accessories forum, for example, iMore member Quarks_ started a conversation about the new EarPods. He's impressed, stating "Far better range, comfortable fit and I like the bottom jack position." There are several polls you can vote in, including giving your opinion on Black & Slate vs White & Silver, and threads for posting pictures you've taken with the iPhone 5 camera or shots of your home screen.  There are even threads dedicated to horror stories such as dropping your brand new iPhone the first day, ("When I opened the box this morning I was so excited the phone went flying out of the box onto the ground") or the device being damaged right out of the box.

Whatever you want to talk about regarding your new iPhone 5 or the experience of getting it in itself, you're sure to find a thread about it in our forums. And if there isn't one, strike up a conversation and start one! If you're somehow not already registered, you'll want to do that so you can join the conversation. Registration has other benefits, such as being eligible to enter in contests to win fantastic prizes, such as a free iPhone 5!

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Find all the iPhone 5 chatter in the iMore forums!


Gonna have to wait for a while until Apple starts to sell the factory un-locked version so I can jump over to other networks as I choose, BUT I'm glad to see that we've finally burst the dam...

Enjoy you guys, I'll be right behind you when I can.... MAYBE, I can get the 2nd iMore prize to help me along !!!!!


my iphone5 im been have problem with him like netflix crash and som other app but other then tha everything work find bea phone ever