Find My iPhone Working on iPhone Safari, iTunes Preview Categories Now Working on Web

find my iphone on iphone

Apple has changed MobileMe's site, previously inaccessible from iPhone or iPod touch Safari, to not only allow access to Find My iPhone, but to offer help in setting up accounts and getting additional apps. iTunes Preview, meanwhile, has duplicated even more of the media and app browsing experience on the web by adding support for categories.

First up, when you used to go to on your iPhone, you used to see an intercept page telling you to set up the services on your iPhone and that was it. Now the new page (above) has a link to setting up those services, a direct link to Find my iPhone, and links for getting Apple's free Gallery and iDisk App Store apps.

Obviously, Find My iPhone from an iPhone or iPod touch (or iPad, as we presume that's what Apple is setting all this up for) is the Big News here. The link itself is a bit clunky still and the Find My iPhone page hasn't been optimized for the iPhone, but having it available online and mobile is huge.

Next, TUAW shows how Apple has once again expanded iTunes Preview -- the web browser-based front for the iTunes store -- adding full on category pages to the previous app and music rollout. Another piece in the rumored cloud-based puzzle?

Let us know what you think of these changes!

[Thanks Jason for the tip!]

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Find My iPhone Working on iPhone Safari, iTunes Preview Categories Now Working on Web


Better, but a find my family's iphones app would be more useful as a second option. you would enter your mobile me account password, choose your phone from the list and it would locate all the others as pins on a map

Somehow I feel like if I lose my iPhone, I won't have any use for the iPhone's "Find my iphone" feature.

Remember the story of they guys who found a stolen iPhone by walking around town with a MacBook refreshing the find my iPhone page? Now imagine walking around town with your friend's iPhone instead. Much better.
Obviously you would never use the Find My iPhone feature to find a phone that's in your hands... you'd log yourself onto someone else's iPhone.

Wow, glad that's cleared up. I wasn't seeing a lot of benefit in the display reading "It's in your hand, you big fat dummy!" popping up every time I went to use it ;)

I think it's pathetic that a full 1.5 YEARS after the deployment of MobileMe, we are only now getting BASIC access of features we used to have to go to a computer for. I should at least be able to access the apps from the phone, being as Mobile Safari supports HTML 5. Really sad, that they can render other companies' sites wonderfully with near desktop quality, but seem to struggle SO much with their own stuff. Embarrassing.