Finish for iPhone goes free with IAP, teases iPad version

FInish for iPhone goes free with IAP, teases iPad version

Finish, the Apple Design Award (ADA) winning productivity app for iPhone, is going free. The new, free version will be limited to 10 tasks timeless tasks. If you want more tasks, or you want to be able to set due dates, you can upgrade to Finish More via a $0.99 in-app-purchase (IAP).

Designer Ryan Orbuch is also teasing what's coming next — Finish for iPad, with a new, tablet-optimized user experience and iCloud sync.

The decision to go free was motivated by a desire to get even more people to give Finish a try. The App Store remains a tough, competitive, sometimes impenetrable market and customers are still hesitant to part with even a dollar or two up front. So, the Finish team are hoping free will get people in the door, and the IAP will be fair and functional enough to help the make enough money to keep Finish going for months and years to come.

Since it's a one-time upgrade, and the functionality it unlocks is really valuable, I'm hoping they get a ton of support. If you haven't tried out Finish, stop procrastinating and give it a shot. Then let me know — what do you think of the new free + IAP model?

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Finish for iPhone goes free with IAP, teases iPad version


I'll try it, though I've never found a todo app that I've been able to stick with, that works as well as pen and paper for me.