FireCore updates aTV Flash with music playback and cloud backup [jailbreak]

FireCore has announced a major update to its aTV Flash (black) software that runs on jailbroken second generation Apple TV’s. The update (beta 7) now includes music playback, cloud backup and even powered artist slideshows.

  • A new music player has been built into Media Player, which allows you to stream most music file types from a Mac, PC or NAS drive without using iTunes. During playback, album art, track info, and artist images will automatically be downloaded from Artist images are used in slideshows that can be viewed while music is playing in the background. Support for folder playlists is also included.
  • New cloud backup feature that provides a way to easily backup all your 3rd party (FireCore, XBMC, Plex, etc...) settings and data to the cloud. Once backed up, a list of your previously saved backups will be available allowing you to to easily restore one of them if needed. Backups are stored securely in the cloud and will remain linked to the AppleTV's serial number - this means they will always be available even if you update or restore your AppleTV.
  • Media Player now features three distinct options for viewing different types of metadata. The the left (>) buttons can be used to cycle through the views when browsing through your media.

If you’re already running a version of aTV Flash (black) the new Beta 7 version can be installed through the Maintenance –> Manage Extras menu on your Apple TV.

Does anyone still jailbreak their Apple TV? What is the main reason you do it?



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FireCore updates aTV Flash with music playback and cloud backup [jailbreak]


I've never been able to get a web browser working on my ATV2 but XBMC is worth the price of re-jailbreaking with every update. An now that Netflox lost it's Starz contract it'll be more XBMC at my house.

Plex Plex Plex
Allows me to play 720p 1080p videos smoothly on my TV via ATV2.
Plex and XBMC make it the best media center available.