Firefly Online announced at San Diego Comic Con, keep flying on iOS in 2014

San Diego Comic Con always throws up something spectacular for the nerdy among us, and this year is no exception with the official announcement of Firefly Online. Details are pretty vague at the moment, but we do know it's a fully legitimate Firefly title, it's coming to iOS, and it'll be with us some time in 2014. From the official site:

FIREFLY ONLINE is going to be a game unlike any other and 99.9% of that will be due to fans like you who are already making it so incredibly special. As a registered FIREFLY ONLINE player, you will receive exciting news updates and be entitled to future discounts and exclusive offers. You’ll be the first to know when our new website features are unveiled, such as the blog, where you'll be able to track live progress of the game and ask questions of the developers, and the FFO store, which will be absolutely chock-full of shiny virtual loot (and real loot, too).

The announcement is accompanied by this official trailer, which while teasing shows us pretty much nothing at all. The official web page for the game – which is currently getting slammed – is the place to go to register yourself if you want to know the latest as it happens. If it doesn't load the first time, keep trying, you'll get through in the end. Who's excited?

Source: Firefly Online

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kralnor says:

In this day and age it's hard not to be skeptical that it will ever see the light of day, and with almost zero details about gameplay it's pretty hard to get very excited. It would be great to have a fully thought out and fleshed out firefly universe bases mmo for iOS, so I'm keeping hope alive

Erin DeMoulin says:

I am super annoyed that they have decided to go the mobile route rather than a full MMO for Firefly Online. Seriously? Mobile apps are great for games like candy crush, or plague inc, that you can pick at on your lunch or smoke break...but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around a mobile app being able to deliver the epic proportions that the cult like following Firefly has will be expecting out of "Firefly Online". If they screw this up, I fear we may have a country wide nerd riot on our hands...

bobbob1016 says:

I was going to ask who if I could send them my dry cleaning bill... Then I got the impression it was iOS only. Then I went to their site and see it's Android too. I'm just wondering why it coming out for Android was missed, at least at the bottom of the post. I noticed that on a post a week or so ago too.

Not really looking forward to a mobile MMO either. It seems FOX likes to kill Firefly before it can start in any fashion, same as they did with the show.

Richard Devine says:

Because this is iMore, we cover iOS. Android Central covers Android news, that's what they get paid for :)

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bobbob1016 says:

I just mean, they mention iOS here, just seems one sided this is the first link I found (although I have seen many more) that mentions both iOS and Android there:

I do recall you guys saying the "and Android" stuff at the bottom of articles frequently before, which is why I'm asking.

Edit: Could also be bad for someone who only has an iOS device, if they say to an Android friend, "You don't get the Firefly game!" expecting to be told if it wasn't exclusive.

Edit Edit: mentions that it is for iOS at the bottom too. If you guys weren't partnered with an Android site, that'd be one thing, but it seems to be half-way Android bashing when that is omitted when (one of) your sister-site(s) is AndroidCentral. When you guys were TiPB I saw that on here, curious as to why it stopped, won't keep asking on this post though, as I don't want to be nagging or whatever.

Mike Sandlie says:

Proprietary all the way huh? Sounds just like apple mentality. lets not promote the product if it's not making us a dollar.. Apple should have died a long time ago before Bill had a chance to bail them out by buying a ton of their stock and keeping a competitor in order to keep the government off his back..

bobbob1016 says:

That's how you make a debate work right? Say something mildly insulting, and "flame bait" to try to prove your point. Bill (Gates) bought non-controlling stock. He's allowed to do that, right? I mean it was a smarter business move. If he didn't allow Apple to buy it back, it would've been smarter though, so he could indefinitely profit, even if Microsoft started flopping. Are you saying we'd be better off if Microsoft didn't have to compete with another OS?

Before you say "But, GNULinux/BSD/NeXT/BeOS/Amiga", I am typing this from my Linux machine, I just don't think we'd be anywhere near as open/competitive as we are now without Apple staying around. The FreeOS's I mentioned earlier don't have deep pockets, and couldn't force web standards. If it wasn't for Apple, I'd bet you Flash/MP4/Silverlight wouldn't be workable on the FreeOS's.

tldr; You're not helping the discussion with comments like yours. Yes, Apple can be greedy and monolopistic, but they're entitled to, as we are entitled to not buy their products. That is why even when I had an iPhone, I didn't use iCloud, because if I can't see what's in it, it isn't a backup.