First look at Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the next big entry in the acclaimed first-person-shooter (FPS) series from Gameloft, and it got shown off the other day at the Tokyo Game Show. Given how great Modern Combat 3 turned out, and Gameloft's habit of pushing the envelop, we're expecting a lot from Zero Hour -- including support for widescreen action on the [iPhone 5].

Like Simon Sage said over at Android Central, the story doesn't seem like anything we haven't seen before, but really, the only point of a plot in a game like this is to get the shooting moving from one set piece to another. Tell us to shoot a bad guy, and he'll get shot.

So how's MC4 looking to you? No joy, or everything light and bright?

Source: via Android Central

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Reader comments

First look at Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


Is that lens flare coming off of something in the sky? I like cool effects as much as the next guy, but my first person eyes have never experienced lens flare..

That being said, this looks awesome. It'll be on my buy list when my 5 arrives. :)

It looks amazing!! Hopefully they will integrate voice chat and some different styles of play. I am a huge fan and player of MC3, so hopefully this will fall in line.