Fitbit update adds support for M7, more

Fitbit update adds support for M7, more

Fitbit has updated the app to version 2.1, and the app now supports the Apple M7 motion coprocessor on the iPhone 5s. Fitbit calls this features MotionTrack, and says that it provides basic Fitbit tracking. The Silent Alarms settings have been redesigned. Setting, switching, editing and removing alarms is now faster.

This update also contains some smaller enhancements, including design updates. You can set your own custom goal for water consumption. The profile editor, tracker, and the sign-up/sign-in screen have all been redesigned. In the leaderboard section, you can now swipe on your Fitbit friends to taunt, message, or cheer them.

You can download FitBit 2.1 from the App Store now.

Joseph Keller

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CrzyP says:

Too bad you can't easily switch between MotionTrack and your Fitbit tracker just in case you forget your tracker at home. It looks like you can only link MotionTrack OR Fitbit One/Flex/Etc to an account. Not both.

kilofoxtrot says:

Maybe delete the tracker, use MotionTrack, then add the tracker back???

CrzyP says:

That is exactly my point. You can't easily switch between the two without going through a short process.

MobileTrack or MotionTrack. You get what I'm saying.

aardman says:

I believe it's Mobile Track not Motion Track.

asuperstarr says:

I'm seriously thinking about this fit bit for my runs. But I use the run keeper pro on my phone. What's the difference in the information?

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gadgetman#CB says:

The problem is, you can't delete the tracker from your profile. I don't have the tracker anymore (still have the scale), and I like to remove the tracker from my profile. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Thanks!