Fleksy teases its iOS 8 keyboard app already


We're all getting excited for what iOS 8 is going to bring us, especially for third party keyboard support (finally!) Fleksy is also naturally excited and couldn't wait until the fall to show us what its iOS 8 app looks like, so we're getting a first look today.

OK, so it's a small tease, but it's still awesome to finally see a third-party keyboard able to integrate system wide instead of being sandboxed like Fleksy has been thus far. It's going to be tough to wait it out but Fleksy is offering a sign-up page – linked in tweets above – for news on the beta.

What do we think so far, then? Fleksy going to be one you'll be trying out when iOS 8 hits?

Source: Fleksy (Twitter)

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Fleksy teases its iOS 8 keyboard app already


I think I'm going to go with swift key if it's available for IOS 8. That or smart keyboard. I think that's what it's called.

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I tried it on my Nexus a while back and didn't like it very much. Cool to see them going for the iOS market though! I'd like to see Minuum on iOS. Not that I really used that one either, but I like the concept

SwiftKey is a great keyboard. Use it on my Note 3, would love to have it for my 5S. Thank You for 3rd party keyboards.

Will give it a shot. Was in the beta on Android and it wasn't great at first but that was early on. Will try it along with SwiftKey and the new default KB to see what works out best.

I tried Flesky extensively for a full week on two separate occasions. Always went back to Swiftkey. Swiftkey is just more customizable, faster, and has better predictions.

I'm so happy Apple opened to 3rd party keyboards. That means Swiftkey and Swype for my HTC M8 will get even better and Apple users will benefit from the added users on Android.

Tried this but wasn't for me, always end up back with SwiftKey

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Great news. Love having the option on Android. Now wondering who will have the best for my iPad Mini?

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