Flickr for iOS gets a filter upgrade and some new camera and editing tools

Yahoo! has pushed out a pretty sizeable update to their Flickr app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with new and customizable filters and a bunch of new editing tools on board. Theres a new filter pack to choose from, and the filters are now 'live' so you get to assess how things look before snapping your photos.

Shooting and post-editing also gets some attention, with some new camera tools like grids, pinch-to-zoom and locking in focus and exposure points. On the editing front you can now crop, enhance, sharpen, vignette, adjust levels and more. Grab the App or the update from the App Store now, and let me know how you like it. How does it compare with something like Instagram?

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Reader comments

Flickr for iOS gets a filter upgrade and some new camera and editing tools


Sadly it's still not an iPad app. Terrible for looking at photos when you have to run a phone app at 2x.

If you mean automatic like Dropbox' upload of your Camera Roll then no, don't see that. It has some pretty robust tools for uploading your photos though. Filters aren't too bad but I think behind what else is already out there.