Flipboard for iPad gets updated, adds Google Reader and Flickr support

Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard for iPad just received a fairly big update, including the ability to add feeds from Google Reader, Flickr and more! One new feature of note is the option to post photos and status updates to Twitter, Facebook and other real-time social networks.

Flipboard was initially released back in July and received a lot of early buzz. The app offers a dynamic and unique interface for browsing your social media feeds in a magazine-like format, flipping through "pages" of real-time content from your friends on Twitter and Facebook -- a first of its kind. Take a look at the full update list after the break!

  • Be informed. Sync with Google Reader to read your feeds, folders and friends' shared items. Star, share and comment on stories.
  • Be amazed. Browse all Flickr has to offer, including photostream, favorites, groups, your contacts' photos and interesting photos of the day .
  • Be fulfilled. Read full content right away with more beautiful layout. Flip through gorgeous Flipboard Pages from Washington Post, Bon Appetit and more.
  • Be social. Flip through your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed. Browse your tweets, Twitter favorites, @mentions and lists.
  • Be expressive. Post photos, status updates and even Flipboard pages across Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.
  • Be faster. Switch between sections faster using our instant section selector. Enjoy faster performance throughout your Flipboard.

Now that they've added more streams of content, the app has far more reach and usefulness for users. We're excited about the new features presented in the 1.1 update, and look forward to future updates from the developer.

Let us know what you think of the update in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Flipboard for iPad gets updated, adds Google Reader and Flickr support


Hallelujah! As a six year member of flickr and an Ipad and Flipboard user, I most welcome this development.

Although I consider may self as a more then the average Internet surfer, I have to admit I never heard on Flipboard . I downloaded the application this morning, after someone mentioned it in one of the iPAD forums.
I was amazed by the powerful application. It actually allow me to create my own Magazine, with all the article I like.
I am sure to find out that it does much much more.