Flipboard to start pulling in Google+ content

Flipboard to start pulling in Google Plus content

Flipboard, the hugely popular social reader app for iOS, will be among the first to feature integration with Google's social network, Google+. Google's VP of Product Management recently revealed in an interview that Flipboard will soon be able to pull in stories shared by friends on Google+, much as the app can already for Facebook and Twitter. This is a big deal because Google has been taking their sweet time opening up a developer API to their fledgling social network.

Google's own take at the reader application, Currents, hasn't come very far, and given the abundance of competition on iOS, odds are it won't any time soon. I guess If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Google's big annual developer conference is next week, so with any luck they'll creak open the door to Google Plus for at least a few more partners there.

How many of you are active on the network? Does it offer you anything that you don't get on Facebook? Are there any other apps that you're dying to get Google+ integration with? (If you're looking to swap Google+ IDs and get into more great conversations, check out our iMore Google+ list!)

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Flipboard to start pulling in Google+ content


Meh, there's not a whole lot going on with Google+ anyway. Almost no one I actually know has anything to do with the Social Network so it ends up being a bunch of Tech Journalists posting their stories there and I already get that from Twitter.

Sounds more like operator error to me. If all you circle are tech journalist, then that's all you see. Its like saying there is not a whole lot going on with Twitter. Well if you don't know how to use it... While I don't have a lot of friends and family circled(good grief, I get enough of them on Facebook), I do follow a lot more than techies. My content stream is rich and varied, never boring. Much more engaging and not nearly as shallow as Facebook. Twitter is barely social, at least for my use.