Flote Hands-Free tablet holder for iPad review

I love using my iPad. I use it everywhere in my home. I find holding my iPad cumbersome, however, and if I am cooking or doing my make up I want to have something that holds my iPad at the proper angle without having to worry about it falling down or simply falling out of my line of sight. If you are like me, and wish you had something to hold your iPad for you, then Flote might be just what you've been looking for!

Flote is really easy to put together, I did it in under ten minutes and it comes with easy to understand instructions. Please do be careful when you attach the ball magnet into the joint though as it is especially strong and will catch in it anything close, including fingers!

Beautifully designed, Flote is also extremely well made. You know once you hold it that it is sturdy and will be in working condition for years to come. It spins 360 degrees on its base and has a magnetic ball joint when your tablet is attached so you can move your tablet into almost any position. It does not have much if any bounce when you move your tablet around. It can also be folded down so that it uses up almost no space.

Young children shouldn't be using the Flote ( it could fall over) but for anyone else, in almost any setting, the Flote works really well. If you have a disability or are sick, the Flote is the perfect way to have your iPad kept in whatever position you need as you eat or sleep. It is also a wonderful addition for any office or living room.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Exceptionally well made
  • Really secure
  • Will hold your iPad in any position
  • Will hold a tablet of any size


  • Large and heavy

Bottom line

If you or someone you care about needs a way to hold an iPad - or any tablet - in just the right position, whether it's for convenience or out of necessity, Flote is a great choice. I have reviewed many tablet holders, and Flote is by far the best one to date.


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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applelex says:

This is a great and smart product, to make using an iPad for different things easier. You can use it to hold your iPad over your bed to watch movies, play games or whatever do on your iPad easier because you don't have to hold it. It also makes shooting video with the iPad easier and makes the video more stable which is great because I'd imagine shooting video with a 1lb tablet would get tiresome. Although I don't own an iPad I imagine that this would compliment the use of the iPad and make the experience much more enjoyable. Great review!

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FloteYourTablet says:

Right now we are offering a Cyberweek sale. Save 10% on your entire order, or 15% when you like us on www.Faceboom.com/FloteYourTablet.

zdn1042 says:

Seeing the same thing.
A little too pricey for me but should be well worth it to those who need a very sturdy hands free tablet holder.

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FloteYourTablet says:

Eric, no surprise here but I've got to disagree with you ;)

FLOTE floats your tablet anywhere you want- be it in between you and your partner in bed, or hovering over a couch or your favorite reading chair. Unlike other stands such as the one you reference, FLOTE makes using your tablet ergonomic. With FLOTE, you're not looking down at your tablet, stressing your body, in particular your neck.

See this graphic and give it some thought: http://tinyurl.com/n3xermr

bookimdanno says:

One can be rigged with adapter and a boom mic stand at a fraction of the cost.

FloteYourTablet says:

We've heard that before but there is no way that a modified boom mic stand will be as nearly elegant, balanced or as fluid to use as FLOTE.

Look, we could have designed a less-expensive stand, but there are several of those out there already. They tend to be clunky, need constant adjustment, and break down after constant use. In fact, several of our customers purchased other stands only to be eventually frustrated by them and end up buying a FLOTE.

Our goal was to design a beautiful, extreme-quality tablet stand that functions perfectly and, similar to a designer floor lamp, looks great even when not in use.

Once you start using FLOTE we guarantee that you'll agree that it is worth every penny. Our customers certainly do. Check out their reviews at https://www.floteyourtablet.com/Reviews/CUSTOMER-REVIEWS/

Dave Cutler / FloteYourTablet.com

asuperstarr says:

Nice review. I'm sure this will fit someone's need. Again, great review!

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Becjr says:

This is nice and can think of at least 4 places I could make use of something like this.
A big downside to me is the lack of inclusion / accommodation for powering your tablet while in the stand's "grip". That would be a must-have for me.

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GlennRuss says:

Very cool, but too much. Amazon does say 299, and you could just get a boom mic stand, and something like iKlip, Gator, K&M, Peavey, and several others, to do the same. Still cool, I can see a use for the musician whit this stand, but wish it was around 80-100 bucks.

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jbscoelho says:

Looks like really great, it works like a mic stand Holder.
I dont know if would use it that much but i think it would look good at my place!

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