Flutter: MMS Alternative... Maybe?

One of the biggest complaints I hear regarding the iPhone? You guessed it! Where is the picture mail (MMS)?! A while back I started a forum thread that told readers how to send a picture with a email attached to any cell phone, to any network, from the iPhone. But the truth of the matter is, MMS is really not all that it is cracked up to be. (it is convenient though, I will give it that). I'm used to not having MMS on my Sprint Windows Mobile devices so when I made the switch to an iPhone it was never a big deal. But for some, it's a major deal.

Well now there is a nice little MMS alternative called Flutter, available on the App Store. It allows you to send pictures to any cell phone number in your contacts app. And it's free, which is always a bonus.

For more information and pictures head on over to The Boy Genius Report or visit Flutter's home page.

While Flutter does have some potential in it, email is still the way to go. I will however, be paying close attention to future updates... like the ability to receive pictures maybe?

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Flutter: MMS Alternative... Maybe?


I still think one of the most standard features for 98% of the cell phones is still lacking in the iPhone. I along with you have used Email as my alternative to MMS because I had a T-Mobile Sidekick which also didn't support MMS. Its not the sending of pictures that is the MAJOR flaw in the iPhone in my opinion. Its receiving pictures. I have idiot friends that take a picture of everything they find interesting and it's like pulling teeth to get them to understand how to send a pic via email on their phones. They just shoot, select a contact and send! Simple enuf, but we have to find a desktop PC/MAC or a pen and a piece of paper to view the pics because of the idiotic AT&T site they make you go to, to be able to see the picture. The site itself always seems to be bogged down or unresponsive which doesn't help the matter at all! hahaha U would think AT&T and Apple would have come up with a better solution for retrieving photos that are sent to iPhones. At the least a direct link from ur text message that autofills the login and password for you so u don't have to memorize or write down the random generated login info! Just my two cents.

I tried this and sent one to my wife and well she couldn't even click on the link to see the image, she has a Razor from VZW.

This app requires the people on the receiving end to have an iPhone, or some device that has an internet connection. So far though it looks like in the reviews that people need iPhones.

I'm a happy iPhone 3g user, but why do people keep saying email is the way to go over MMS?that's like saying email is the way to go over text messaging....they're all different things. Email....to send to people's home machines, laptops or mobile email devices (blackberry, iPhone etc). SMS/MMS to send directly to people's cell phones.
My mother has a basic nokia that receives pics n not emails n so do many othet peopke so PLEASE stop trying to make out like Apple did the right thing...just pure laziness and arrogance on their part.

@avt, That is not true. The person on the receiving end do NOT need to have a iPhone. I've tested it myself. They do need a data connection though.
@iks, Email is the way to go if you care about quality. And frankly it is the only way to go if you have a iPhone. You can easily email a picture to any cell phone by using the persons phone number@pm.sprint.com for a example. Of course it depends on the carrier.

Yeah Jeremy, unfortunately the email work-around also has its flaws for some mobile device users. For instance, check out this story, was at a BBQ over the weekend and a friend couldn't make it so we are txt'n each other, and I say, the chick you like is here and she looks good man!
Friend: Oh really, snap a pic and send it to me.
Me: Ok gimme a second and I'll email it to you.
Me: Who is your carrier again?
Friend: Why? Just send me the pic!!
Me: I am, who is your carrier?
Friend: Verizon
Me: Ok Sent!
Friend: What? I didn't get it!
Me: I emailed it to you
Friend: No, don't email it to me, just send me the picture
Me: (sigh) I emailed it to your phone
Friend: I don't have email on my phone, just MMS. I dont want an email, I just want the pic man!!
Me: You have driven me to DRINK! Go Away Please!
Unfortunately, even now, so people do not have data plans or email service for their phones, so that is just another unnecessary hoop Apple and ATT are making us jump thru. Receiving pics is still my NUMBER ONE irration with all this nonesense.

What I did is put a pic address in every single one of my contacts. Time consuming? Yes... but then you don't have to fumble back and forth like in your example. I'm just trying to make the best for other people. Again if anyone missed it, check out this thread. Gives you a picture mail address for each carrier.

Jeremy email is the way to go with other smartphone devices yes, but here in Britain where MMS is I guess more common than in the States many people have normal none email devices. Not every1 is interested in a superphone. There is no MMS solution like u mentioned here.
Look, for a device of this calibre there are far too many missing 'phone' features that's an embarrasment. Can't receive or send MMS, can't forward an SMS, can't send a vcard. This isn't even a copy/paste issue. This just BASIC phone stuff.

Flutter does not send photos.
It sends a link to your hosted photo on some website.
A Flikr account is better than this.

I have several friend who do not have smart phones of any kind that I email pics to. For example when I send a pic to someone on AT&T with a Sony Ericson flip phone they get it like a normal mms msg. Phonenumber@mms.AT&T.com and it works with vzw and tmobile too. I don't know why people have such a hard time with it.

I have repeatedly asked to obtain password, but never received one - there are now approximately 14 days and still no password???
PS! I have thought of country code in front phone number.

pic sent to my wife's rumor (sprint) left her with a hyperlink to the photo, not the actual photo. It took about 30 seconds for sprint to link to the pic.

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