Foldify teases awesome 3D paper art created right from your iPad

Foldify is an upcoming iPad app that will let you create amazing 3D paper art right from your iPhone. Pick a form, paint it to your liking, AirPrint to suitable paper/card, fold it, and then the real fun begins.

But why am I telling you all this? Just watch the teaser video, smile, and wait for the launch.

(Or if you're really geeky, and want something to read in the meantime, check out this blog post on merowing by developer Krzysztof Zabłocki on how the line drawings were smoothed with cocos2d.)

Source: Foldify

Foldify teases awesome 3D paper art created right from your iPad

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Serra Abraham says:

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Redshirt says:

This looks pretty cool. Not related, but brought to mind Gathering for Gardner's dragon. It would be interesting if they could do more of something like that with this app. But I suspect it's just for making 3d cutouts, and not 3d hollow face illusions. Check out the video at to see what I'm talking about with the dragon.