Follow US elections live with ABC app for iPad

ABC Election Night coverage with iPad app

The ABC app for the iPad has come up with a nice little update for those of you who are into tracking elections as they are happening. It's not always easy to keep track of who is winning in each race through television or radio but now with the ABC app for iPad it will not only make tracking the election easier and more mobile, but will allow you to run through what-if scenarios for the races.

The states will change in color to represent weather it has gone Republican or Democrat, and it tracks the Senate races as well as the House of Representatives. So now you can watch whatever you want to on election night as still follow your favorite political party or candidate and see how they are doing on an important night. Best of all is that this app is free and not only can you track your election results all in one place, you can also continue to watch your favorite ABC shows as well.

Will you be utilizing this new feature in the ABC app on your iPad?

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by Brian Tufo

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Reader comments

Follow US elections live with ABC app for iPad


Great idea to try and cut through the clutter on political election news through other media outlets like TV, internet, and radio. I'll probably pull the app up to look over the interface and function but I'm otherwise not into politics whatsoever.

Well that is correct Jim, but it's more like very bad weather around election time with all the mud slinging by all the candidates. Not to mention the flood of junk flowing all over.

This article is a little confusing. ABC has two apps for the iPad. One is to watch full episodes of their shows (like on and the other is for news (like What you're talking about is the ABC News app.