Follow Friday Poll: What's Your Current Go-To iPhone Twitter Client?

The iPhone and Twitter go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so it's no wonder we enjoy an unparalleled quantity and quality of Twitter apps for the iPhone. From the earliest jailbreak version of Twitterrific to the latest releases of Tweetie and Twitbit, with everything from TweetDeck, Twittelator Pro, Birdfeed, SimplyTweet, Echofon/Twitterfon, and even's mobile site thrown in-between (and that's not counting the specialty clients like Birdhouse, qStatus, and Reportage), it's really an embarrassment of riches at this point.

So, to help us sort through all the amazing Twitter apps, we want to know which one you use. Granted, like us you might have several installed -- you might even have them all! -- but we want to know your primary, number one, go-to Twitter client. If you could only have one, today, which would it be? (And feel free to tell us why, and drop your Twitter user name for Follow Friday in the comments below).

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Follow Friday Poll: What's Your Current Go-To iPhone Twitter Client?


Tweetie 2 is my go to client, but I keep Echofon on there for the Push notifications, the ability to upload directly to Flickr in client for quick photo posts and easier posting from Mobile Fotos when I post my 365 pics.

Twittelator, no question. Photo preview alone lets you decide if you want to view and good for everything else!

I use to use twitterific but not I'm a tweetdeck fanatic, I love the 3 screen that you can swipe with a finger

Mainly use Tweetie 2 now, love the interface, but use Twittelator for uploading to twitpic as it posts my comments with the pic which Tweetie doesn't do.

To all you Tweetie users: why do you guys like it so much? The fact that they just made a v2 from the ground up and STILL didn't include Push is ridiculous to me and undeserving of my money. What advantage does it have over Echofon, Twitbit, etc? They are just as polished and just as featured. I just don't see the big appeal to it I guess, but it always seems to be most popular.

twittelator pro. used tweetie 2 as a test, but ran back to TP. i use boxcar too, but still not getting push notifications on the TP badge. i'm sure i missed something in settings...

I had Twitelator Pro, but once I tried tweetie 2, there was no reason to keep twittelator. no reason at all.

I use tweetie...debating upgrading to tweetie 2 but I prefer facebook over Twitter.
People who comment just to say "first" must have nothing better to do

TweetDeck for viewing. love the filter and multi-screen options (although missed tweets is getting annoying). And qTweeter (jailbreak) for on the go facebook and twitter updating. Love the ability to updte from any app that I am in.

currently i'm using simplytweet as my primary twitter client. it has everything tweety 2 has but it gains an edge in my book due to push. i did buy tweetie 2 however and i am a huge fan. i love then both.

I have tried so very many but always return to Tweetie (and now run Tweetie 2 in my iPhone). It looks great, is fast and simple but still very advanced. Love it!

tweetie 2 & simplytweet i feel are way above the rest. both are very stable, u receive all dm's and updates, and both are easy to use. there isn't much you can't do in either tweetie 2 or simplytweet. tweetie 2 u can update a profile, dm, rt, and @reply with 1 swipe of a finger, awesome nearby search with a map, delete tweets and dm's, even links u to followcost and tweetblocker. simplytweet doesn't have the cool nearby search or the links, but it makes up for that with push. in addition both clients are easy to use and polished and have all of the basic twitter app functions. if tweetie got groups and push i would crown it #1, or if simplytweet got tweetie's nearby and groups. either way, these 2 are the top twitter clients easily.

SimplyTweet does have nearby search. On the search screen, at the top, tap the nearby button to pull up the options.
I like SimplyTweet because it loads at the last tweet you read. Plus it's integration with InstaPaper.

Tweetie 2, though SimplyTweet is a darn close second. If I didn't have Boxcar, SimplyTweet would win handily, but with Boxcar handling push I like Tweetie 2's UI just a bit better.

SimplyTweet is my favorite. I tried Tweetie 2 with Boxcar and went back to SimplyTweet. It just works and I love that the push is within the app. I also like that ST has a badge counter so you know exactly how many new tweets, @ replies and DMs you have waiting.

Most recently my favorite is Tweetie 2.0. I like how its clean, simple to use, and very intuitive. Before that I used TweetDeck.

Did anyone see/hear Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra's presentation that 74% of bloggers use Twitter as compared to 14% of general population.
I agree with the first line about Twitter and the iPhone going together. I rarely logon to Twitter on a desktop, but Tweetie 2 is my most used app. It's just too easy and fun.

I dont get it.?.? why doesnt twitter have their own iphone app. you know since it's their site? Just curious.

It would be interesting to see the split between Tweetie and Tweetie 2.
I voted Tweetie2 because I'm using it right now because I feel I should give it a chance, but there are still some things I like better about Twitterrific. If I don't go blind before Tweetie2 releases a dark background, I may stick with Tweetie.

TweetDeck mainly for the groups which are synced with my desktop client. Last time I was comparing twitter clients, TweetDeck was one of the only ones that offered this feature. Has that changed? I really can't stand to see all the people I'm following in one column.

This speaks volumes to good design. Tweetie, a paid app, is beating the free (yet good) twitteriffic! Props to atebits!

I've always used echofon, way back when it was twitterfon and I love it. Never tried anyof the others so no clue on what else is better. But it gets the job done for me.

my twitter handle is @danredwing and I use Tweetie 2 with boxcar. I've tried Tweetdeck, but found it too weird of an interface, simply tweet was too simple, echofon is nice, but kinda slow. I tried iTweetreply, but the push notifications were about 20-30 min late every time. I used Twitterific for about 2months exclusively recently, but it got kind of unreliable with API errors so I came back to Tweetie a couple weeks before Tweetie 2 arrived and am loving it beacuse it is fast, incredibly intuitive and it fits the iPhone so well. I, like many others, really wish that Loren had kept the dark theme because it is so much easier to read. Hopefully on the next update he'll include it as well as push.

SimplyTweet, for me, is the perfect Twitter app. The swipe functions are great, plus making groups and customizing the bottom nav are genius. Also, push is a must for me. I bought Tweetie2, and it is great, but I went back to ST.

So no Tweetings then, seeing as it has push, lists, geolocation, nearby map, retweet, pulldown refresh, loads of themes, twitlonger integration