Follow Friday: Twitbit 2.3 Edition


Twitbit [$2.99 - iTunes link] is the iPhone Twitter client that just won't quit -- pushing updates and new features almost as fast as notifications. The latest is Twitbit 2.3:

  • Support for Twitter's new retweet feature.
  • Support for Twitter's new geotagging feature.
  • Support for Twitter's new lists feature.
  • Support for Twitter's new user search feature.
  • Trends tab.
  • Trend explanations.
  • Account management redesigned.
  • Search bar added to timeline.
  • User profile added to tabs.
  • Connect Twitter accounts to iPhone contacts.

I've been lucky enough to have a beta to try out for a while and 2.3 feels really solid. Overall the interface is fluid and intuitive, the functionality is very well balanced with usability, and the Push Notifications are typically crisp and well-concatenated given the limits of the iPhone modal popup system. If you want a fast, friendly, and pushy iPhone Twitter client, Twitbit might just be for you. And if you're not sure, give Twitbit Lite a try first [Free - iTunes link].

And this being Follow Friday, if you need anyone to try it out with, give Team TiPb a shout:

@theiphoneblog, @reneritchie (Rene), @backlon (Dieter), @iChadman (Chad), @JFSikora (Jeremy), @jamesus (James), @llofte (Leanna), @GeorgiaTiPb (Georgia), @JHamilton24 (Josh), @justin_horn (Justin), @msproductions (Matt), @skeetobite (Chris).

Screenshots after the break!

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xiaowen says:

I dunno, I’d be so afraid of breaking that thing… It’s not like you can get a good grip on it like a phone, or set it down like a laptop… Of course, this could just be sour grapes because I have the feeling that that thing will be wayyy outside of my budget!