Formula 1 racing returns to the Mac with F1 2013, coming in December

Feral Interactive announced Wednesday plans to release a Mac version of F1 2013 in December. F1 2013 is the latest installment of the Formula 1 racing game originally developed by Codemasters and released for consoles and Windows last month.

F1 2013 puts you in the driver's seat of a 200+ MPH Formula 1 race car as you race in the nineteen circuits and Grands Prix of the 2013 F1 racing season. The game has all level teams and twenty-two drivers in this season.

The game includes a five-season Career mode and Co-Op Championship mode, which you can play with another gamer, along with Scenario Mode, which recreates real-life F1 challenges.

Feral is also offering a premium version called F1 2013: Classics Edition, which includes two DLC packs that add six cars from historic Ferrari and Williams teams and 1990s-era F1 legends like Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill. Two additional tracks are included, too.

Pricing and system requirements are yet to be announced.

Peter Cohen

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MacGamerHQ says:

Not really a huge surprise (given they did F1 2012) but still good news for Mac gamers. Found F1 2012 to be a good port so I guess we can expect at least that much for the 2013 version!
Gotta like these guys for releasing both F1 2013 and Tomb Raider before the end of the year!

EauRouge says:

Super excited to play! :D

James Falconer says:

I'm sold. Can't wait for this one.

DaMacGuy says:

It's great that Feral is so quick about getting out a new version after waiting so long to see the 2012 version. (I think the previous one was 2002)

Since I recently bought the 2012, I hope they have a free or low-cost update for us! :-)

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