Forum Mega-Review: iPhone To-Do App Showdown

Over the last few weeks, one of our all-star forum reviewers, msbaylor, has been putting a massive amount of iPhone To-Do apps through their paces: Things, Appigo's ToDo, Toodledo, Done, Zenbe Lists, Ultimate ToDos, and Firetask. Well now he's to-done, and you can check out his colossal review roundup on our forums (along with screenshots and videos aplenty!)

On behalf of everyone seeking that holy grail of To-Do nirvana, we can't thank Matt enough for going to all this trouble. Here's what he wanted, but read it quick so you can get to the good stuff!

  • Sync (not at additional cost)
  • Sleek/non-confusing interface
  • sub-tasks
  • due-date
  • priority

Rene Ritchie

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

Aaron says:

Where's Remember the Milk?

Matt Sawyers says:

@Aaron Remember the Milk is a free application. I only reviewed paid applications.

SHollomon says:

Just use google tasks. Free, don't even need to install anything. Easy to use, you already have the gmail account. Due dates, multiple lists, task notes. No sub-tasks or priorities.

Anna says:

very good article, great review

Alex says:

Excellent Article, Kudos to that man! Very well done.

issie says:

Shaollomon you failed to the us that you need to be connected to the web to use Google Task.

Sammy says:

Good Article, I found a new app called What Do I Need To-Do?
Quite a different way to write your to do lists but I've given it a go and it seems really handy, alot different to the other to dos apps out there.

Pete says:

If you want a nice and slick todo app that neither tries to do too much nor too little, try Todew.

Franccjk says:

This todo list acts like my palm did and I love it. If you ever got used to the palm todo list you can't do without it. Thanks guys or gals for writing this app

j says: is something you can try on your iphone safari. It doesn't require you to sync the todo list between mobile and web

DelS says:

Remember the Milk is $25 per year for the pro version. Needed that app in the test.

Greg says:

Great article on todo apps. Things has been my main general purpose todo app for some time.
Yet, I had been searching for todo apps that would remind me of the items based on location.
I was looking for a great location based reminder app.
After being frustrated with the battery life impact of many of the current location reminder apps, I developed LocationMinder. It is optimized for iPhone 4 and uses a new technology that has extremely low battery usage.
Here is a link to the iTunes App Store to check it out.
I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Evelina says:

good article. I'm using ,,Plan" . It Sync my tasks on the go to Cloud.