Forum Mega-Review: iPhone To-Do App Showdown

Over the last few weeks, one of our all-star forum reviewers, msbaylor, has been putting a massive amount of iPhone To-Do apps through their paces: Things, Appigo's ToDo, Toodledo, Done, Zenbe Lists, Ultimate ToDos, and Firetask. Well now he's to-done, and you can check out his colossal review roundup on our forums (along with screenshots and videos aplenty!)

On behalf of everyone seeking that holy grail of To-Do nirvana, we can't thank Matt enough for going to all this trouble. Here's what he wanted, but read it quick so you can get to the good stuff!

  • Sync (not at additional cost)
  • Sleek/non-confusing interface
  • sub-tasks
  • due-date
  • priority

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Reader comments

Forum Mega-Review: iPhone To-Do App Showdown


Just use google tasks. Free, don't even need to install anything. Easy to use, you already have the gmail account. Due dates, multiple lists, task notes. No sub-tasks or priorities.

Shaollomon you failed to the us that you need to be connected to the web to use Google Task.

Good Article, I found a new app called What Do I Need To-Do?
Quite a different way to write your to do lists but I've given it a go and it seems really handy, alot different to the other to dos apps out there.

If you want a nice and slick todo app that neither tries to do too much nor too little, try Todew.

This todo list acts like my palm did and I love it. If you ever got used to the palm todo list you can't do without it. Thanks guys or gals for writing this app

Great article on todo apps. Things has been my main general purpose todo app for some time.
Yet, I had been searching for todo apps that would remind me of the items based on location.
I was looking for a great location based reminder app.
After being frustrated with the battery life impact of many of the current location reminder apps, I developed LocationMinder. It is optimized for iPhone 4 and uses a new technology that has extremely low battery usage.
Here is a link to the iTunes App Store to check it out.
I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.