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The Lie Detector App claims that it can detect when a person is lying, 100% of the time I was unsuccessful in getting the app to work. When you open the app it tells you to input a few things about the person that is being questioned. And in the last blank, you enter the question you want to see if the person is lying about.

Once you hit “Save,” the app will ask the person that they should be truthful about, as it is supposed to calibrate the application for the one final question being asked.

I must say I do like the graphics in the application, and the sound meter seems to move adequately when speaking into the mic. However, every time I told the truth, I got this screen:

…and every time I was lying, I got:

Needless to say I haven’t got this app to work at all. I tried it on a friend and it worked 1 in 5 tries…after all I would have expected more…it’s a 50/50 chance…

I give it 1 star for graphics.

For $2.99 this is CrApp


  • Um…graphics?


  • Doesn’t work

Forum Review Rating

TiPb Forums Review: 1 Star App

[Lie Detector is available from the iTunes App Store]


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There are 20 comments. Add yours.

Steve says:

You had to TRY this to know it wouldn't work? LOL!

Matt Sawyers says:

yep, sure did.
It was requested by a friend.
Plus I just helped others save $3, just to spend it on other CrApp

mike says:

Good concept though... shows that it may be possible to make iPhone work as a basic voice lie detector. Thanks for the review!

LegalDoer says:

Wait, how do we know YOU aren't lying...
Please read this review into my iPhone so I can know for sure.

Alex says:

Well if all the questions result in opposite answers, then just reverse the answers and you'll know if the other person is lying or not.

frog says:

Near idea. I don't think the courts trust full blown lie detectors for evidence, so no doubt this app would be untrustworthy.

Nilesh Patel says:

Pla stay away from this, it just doesnt seem to work, how the hell did Apple pass this app

fred says:

You don't understand !
This app is a funny app to scare children when they wan't to hide the truth !

Authentication and Permission says:

How did you gave even the try for this. I don't think i might have given try also.. It should be used only for fun sake...Is it possible to detect that one is telling truth or lie.....????

Steve says:

Ummm... I'm selling a time travel app for $2.99 in the App Store. Please check it out to see if it works.

Alex says:

The idea behind this app is sound. Clearly, it isn't perfect.
As you read from the author of this post, every time he lied it said he was telling the truth and every time he was telling the truth, it said he lied. Therefore, it detects the difference between a lie and the truth accurately, the programmer of the app just needs to reverse the answers so it displays correct answer.
I swear, some people just can't read.

Steve says:

Please tell me you're joking? How old are you?

Matt Sawyers says:

@LegalDoer: You don't. muhahaha... watch video...
@Nilesh Patel: That's a really good question...
@Authentication and Permission: 1. - The thing is, there really is no fun in this app whatsoever. 2. - No
@Steve #11: ooOOoo Time Travel... I might have to try that...
@Alex: True, however in testing it with friends, that result wasn't consistant.

Matt Sawyers says:

o wonderful, I really screwed up my screen name...terrific

Former Fanboy says:

Just spent another 8 hours fucking around with loading 2.2 onto my piece o shit iPhone. Restore is fucked too. Same thing happened with 2.0.2
Right now the tech Fanboy at Apple are telling me in their most effeminate voice that it's a positive thing that I have to manually re-set up my email accounts, re-download pics, music, and restore my settings by hand.
Apple is run by a bunch of artsy gheys who think they can do tech. Fuck them and fuck you all for drinking their cool-aid.

Matt Sawyers says:

@ Former Fanboy: i had issues as well, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes, then restore.

Alex says:

Hehe, Very Cool if it does work.

Hus lanons says:

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