Forum Review: Kooaba for the iPhone

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Kooaba Forum Review by msbaylor

Kooaba allow you to take a picture of a movie poster, then looks up the info about the movie.

You just push the camera icon on the main screen, snap a picture and it load (takes a long time – 30 secs+), then it opens safari and displays the movie details.

You can also view the history of your searches (if you ended up wasting that much time)


This app takes WAY to long to load results. It, however, is a nice concept, but needs updating and it would be nice to see the results loaded in the app itself.


  • Cool concept
  • Easy to use


  • Take too long to load results
  • Shows results in Safari browser



Forum Review Rating

TiPb Forums Review: 2 Star App

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Forum Review: Kooaba for the iPhone

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Just updated it to the new version. The results are now shown inside the application. Also kooaba seems to have invested a good amount of time to improve the interface. DVDs are added to their database as well!