Introducing the "Like" button to the TiPb forums!

Many of you are aware of the makeover we have given the TiPb forums, but we have no intention of stopping there. We are constantly thinking of new add-ons that will make your experience even better.

Enter the "Like" button.

So what's the difference between the existing "Thanks" button and the new "Like" button? "Thanks" values the author, "Like" values the content. So, when you "Thank" a post, you're giving credit to another forum member because they answered your question, provided a link or guide that helped you out, etc. It gives them a pat on the virtual back. When you "Like" a particular post, you're recommending the information. You're giving it a thumbs up.

Clicking the "Like" button on a post will put a "Like" tree at the top of that particular thread. Clicking that then drops down the most liked posts of that entire thread. So in a single click you can get to the best posts that may be deep into a thread vs. having to scroll through page after page of posts.

So that's our new "Like" button. Be sure to check it out along with all of the other improvements we've made by visiting the forums today!

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Introducing the "Like" button to the TiPb forums!


wow, you mean you guys will do us the favor of "liking" things that you write to make you feel better about yourself and advertise your blog on facebook! wow, we are so lucky. how NICE of you guys!!