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Forums: iOS 7 features, larger screened iPhone, iMessage issues, iPhone 5S release date


The things i'm looking for the ios 7 is a different design, like when you are unlocking the device , full screen iphone sounds good, hopefully they fix the bluetooth, at least so it can pears with other iphone and exchange pictures, musics and apps, also i hope they work harder on imessage because lately is having a lot of trouble and new design for others things like the banner color and notifications

I think some cool new innovative feature and fresh design on some of their apps like mail, safari, and contacts. Also, improvement with iCloud service.

Apple needs to create an SDK for Siri before it is to late. If Nuance won't co-operate buy the company. Think of the excitement that would generate.

They should be talking with China Mobile, build a low cost, quality phone for them, then add customized IOS 7 features that will serve China Mobile's users. Same for India.

two things i'm highly expecting from next iphone... A new innovative UI (i'm excited as Johny ive is working on it) and a 1080p display. Don't disappoint me, Apple !