Forums: Preordering the iPhone 5, Factory unlocks, Do you even care about NFC?

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Chris Parsons

Editor-at-Large at Mobile Nations, gadget junkie, energy drinker, ranter.

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Forums: Preordering the iPhone 5, Factory unlocks, Do you even care about NFC?


I'm gonna preorder, nfc would have been nice but no tears shed, I'll probably stay up all thursday night just in case lol.

I wish I could stay up too but sadly I have an important test Friday morning oh well some things are more important

I'm only gonna be up as long as I need to order it, I heard it starts at 3 am eastern time, I might go to sleep at 11, wake up at 2:55 and hopefully go back to sleep by 4.

If NFC were popular in the US, Apple would have already incorporated it into iPhone. It isn't. They didn't.

Bar code readers are far more widely used than NFC terminals, they can read electronic device screens as well as printed codes, and they are far more secure. You can't scan anyone's iPhone screen when it's in their pocket.

Apple may be trying to do to NFC what they have already done with DVD/BD. Leapfrog it. No need for any NFC hardware if Passbook can do everything in software.