Forums: YouTube gone, Photo size increases, Are you upgrading to the next iPhone?

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- New iPads at our school - Photos magically increasing in size.. why? - Notification Center reset itself, anyone know why? - Beta 4 seeded to developers - YouTube gone, will you miss it? - Are you upgrading to the next iPhone?

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Forums: YouTube gone, Photo size increases, Are you upgrading to the next iPhone?


YouTube gone? Well it's about time. The stock YouTube app has long outlived its usefulness. Now only if I could to delete the rest of the stock apps I never use or have replacement apps for.

no not likely to upgrade. Why?
-I have a contract, with no upgrade until late 2013.
-I'm on Sprint and LTE isn't in my area yet so no rush.
-I don't need to have the latest thing so i'm not against waiting.

that said i do want a 4 inch screen and the speed LTE will bring eventually.

as for youtube. i use most of the stock apps except newstand. Not sure what all the youtube hate is. I use it sometimes. it kinda does the job. Plus i came from webos where youtube app wasn't updated once in 2 years and never could even access your account. all it could do was play. So compared to that the youtube app is great lol. But i just hope whatever youtube app that comes next is pretty good or better.

Hell no. I was all ready to jump and and in fact I have been waiting for several years now. the puny measly less than 4 inch screen just doesn't cut it in this day and age any more. BTW, while Apple is removing stock apps, how about delete NEWSTAND, Facetime, and iMessage. Does anybody actually use them?

Careful now. I uses newstand all the time. I use Facetime at least 3 times a week. iMessage not so much. But I don't understand all the Newstand hate. It's an app that holds all your magazines, similar to the iBooks app. What's wrong with that??? Now the only thing that bothers me, and I'm not sure if it's a Newstand issue, or a magazine issue, but I don't like the fact that I have to leave the screen on the particular magazine app I'm downloading as I download it. If I shut off the screen to preserve battery power while the magazine is downloading, it stops downloading. But as far as Newstand itself goes, It's better than having a bunch of magazines and newspapers cluttering up you screen that you'd probably create a folder for anyway. So I ask you, really, what's the difference.

Need a bigger screen! I'd even be fine with the same size phone if they found a way to make the whole surface a screen. There's a lot of wasted real estate. Who cares about the stock apps?! Make a web link icon for YouTube if you really need it. Download one of a million free stock apps if you want to. Not sure why that last guy would say delete iMessage tho. It's built into msgs so why f with functionality?