Fox News: Apple in Talks With AT&T for iTablet, Verizon for iTablet and iPhone


Fox News is once again weighing in on the iTablet -- and the iPhone -- claiming sources within AT&T and Verizon are telling them negotiations to carry the device(s) are getting hot and heavy:

According to the story, there would be two versions of the iTablet/iSlate/iPad, one supporting AT&T's fast GSM/HSPA network and the other supporting Verizon's reliable CDMA/EVDO network. Both would likely have WiFi and access to associated WiFi hotspots. Verizon's version might also be subject to tiered pricing.


According to a source at Verizon, Apple has been in talks with 'the big red map' to offer the tablet on its robust CDMA network. Additionally Verizon is in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to its network by late spring or early summer, but specifics haven't yet been finalized.

An iPhone on Verizon makes increasing sense for Apple. At a certain point, everyone who prefers AT&T as a carrier, or is willing to live with AT&T as a carrier just to have an iPhone, will have an iPhone, and for Apple to grow their customer base, they'll need to expand to a network that supports those who want an iPhone but won't got to AT&T for it. The king of that hill is Verizon. Apple has broken exclusivity almost everywhere else. It will have to do it in the US, and LTE is too far out to be a logical change-point.

The rest of the article contains an amusing amount of bickering between the carrier rivals, with AT&T implying any network would have problems with the 7000% data spike that comes with the iPhone.

No matter what happens, we're hoping for multiple carriers, as that would be a multiple win for US consumers.

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Fox News: Apple in Talks With AT&T for iTablet, Verizon for iTablet and iPhone

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Who cares who's 1st and 2nd!? I donT care if iPhone goes to verizon. Which ever one is cheaper in price and gives me service where I need it will get my money. iPhone should be on every carrier to allow everyone to have an iPhone

So. A battle for different devices on different networks. If a tablet IS in the offing and appears on one or another of these networks, all eyes and ears will be watching to see who will get the iPhone. That will help to determine WHICH VERSION OF THE iTABLET to get. I, for one, would want the same carrier for both devices (with a shared, unlimited data plan!
I won't buy a tablet with Verizon until or unless they will also offer the iPhone, and that's only after my AT&T contract expires. For travelers to other countries where the GSM standard rules, they will presumably stay with the GSM iPhone and iTablet, which means: AT&T.

I'll stay with AT&T. Shared data plan is a must. I won't fork out for two data plans. If that's the case I'll just use wifi on the tablet.

The next iPhone, regardless of carrier should have in one device and one chip the ability to operate freely by customer choice on any network here on Earth. In ONE device.
GSM 900/1800/850/1900, CDMA 1xEv RevA, supports AT&T, T-Mo, VZW, Sprint, Vodafone, O2, Smart, Globe, Optus, Orange, NTT DoCoMo, SingTel, Telstra.

@missy never gonna happen with one chip considering CDMA and GSM will continue to be available for at least two more years. Even when Verizon begins rolling out LTE, they'll continue to leverage their CDMA network for voice and LTE for data.
I think eventually we'll all have mifi's built into wrist watches or the like, and our gadgets/internet capable devices will suck off the teat of that network connection.

Right on. For a world traveler a must.
If your not a world traveler..... What are u waiting for? Seize the Day.:) if your not living life at Mach III with your hair on fire, well, your wasting time;) So much history, so little time.

Competition is always good. Not being able to use your internet connection while you talk on Verizon is the big negative, but it would at least force ATT to speed up the improvement of their networks.

No iPad for you, says the AppleNazi...
Why are they talking with phone operators over the ipad??? I already pays too much for my iphone, i can't afford even more per month for the ipad...
So it got 3G... but wouldn't it be better to run wifi and when nessasary use tethering?
One more thing, I really hope that 4.0 update for the iphone fixes all the bugs and lack of features, because 3.1 sucks. It sucks bad.

Amen! And you know, that's all I really want; to be able to just go to the Apple Store, get an official Apple-unlocked iPhone, and then use it with whatever service provider I choose. I think Apple would sell even more iPhones if they'd just do that. I've been wanting an iPhone since they first came out, but I'm not going to switch carriers just to get it. I'm quite happy with my T-Mo no-contract plan, so I'm praying that T-Mo will get the next iPhone and the iTablet (or iPad, or whatever it ends up being named) as soon as AT&T's exclusivity expires (hopefully this summer).
@a1by: I think it'll eventually happen (putting both GSM & CDMA on one chip), just not within the foreseeable future; probably not for another year or two. You're right, tho: CDMA and GSM phones will still need to be supported in the meantime, before LTE really rolls out in earnest. It'll be interesting to see how the service providers will adapt, as voice gradually becomes data. Maybe then they'll be forced to become "dumbpipes" for data. So, we'll see... PEACE

All Verizon customers will laugh at when they try to tether an iTablet and realize no one can call them... This will be funny...

What's stopping Apple from putting the iPhone on every US carrier? Stupidity?
If the iPhone hit Sprint I would buy 3 the first week. I will NEVER go back to AT&T because of pricing and past experience.

I also don't give a 'F' about talking and surfing at the same time. I've been using cellphones since they were in bags and the need never arrived.

If the tablet is linked to an expensive carrier contract, it's wanna be very cheap (under $200)
If it's ~$1k AND a 24 month contract, it's set for a dramatic fail...

I don't know about the USA, but in most countries - a laptop with built in 3G on a 2 year contract is $0, read: FREE!

What concerns me is why the rumors about the itablet and cell phone carriers. I wouldn't and don't want another cell phone policy and payment. If the slate does most of the things it is rumored and is of the size it is rumored, I'd be using it as a netbook/media device utilizing wifi and rarely needing cell connectivity. Sure cell connectivity would be nice, but I hope it is NOT a requirement for purchase.

Talk Internet is important when you look at it from another perspective... Internet Talk - if you're browsing the web all calls are dumped to voicemail or worse.

@ Micheal
luckily that's not how it works. I'd your on the web and someone calls it switches to the call. I personally think the iPhone should be on every network it can. All that would do is give me more people to play multiplayer games with. What would piss me off though is if they did the same thing that palm did and give verizon a better version. Of I had a pre with sprint for the past year and couldn't ghetto the plus I would be livid.

For those who don't want to "Jailbreak" their iPhone, the following link is a SIM card tool to unlock the iPhone allowing those who use it to use other GSM carriers like T-Mobile on their iPhone.

Copy and paste that link, for some reason only part of the link became clickable which shows a 404 error.

How does the inability to connect or maintain a voice call have anything to do with a data spike? You either provide voice service or you don't, period.

I'm going to be at Moscone Center on Wednesday at a trade show. I'm going to be on my iPhone refreshing like crazy starting at 10 AM. This is like Christmas!!

@phug Dont hold your breathe you will never see a iPhone itablet on sprint. You will see inothing on sprint. Why would apple go to the worst carrier in the country? They have no customer base. And are losing Millions ever year.
Anyway IMO they should give the iPhone to verizon that way AT&T will not have so much strain on the network. This does not mean I will go to verizon there horrible where I live. And I have no poblems with AT&T. With verizon getting the iPhone and more and more smartphones there network is not going to be so reliable. And they will feel the data strain that AT&T has felt for awhile. Like they said: any network would have problems with the 7000% data spike that comes with the iPhone. Of course verizon will not have that many iPhone users on there network that AT&T has always had so we will never truly know if the big red can handle it.

How is LTE too far out to be a logical change point? It's only a year or two away for verizon and another year after that for AT&T. If verizon wants the iPhone, apple should require them to put lte into effect before they get it.

if bed red gets the iphone... It's a wrap for AT&T. Admit it at&t is maxed out the tablet would kill their network (worst than what it already is anyway... Lol)

Obviously the only holding point with Apple and Verizon is money. Other than not agreeing on a subsidy amount, BOTH sides would be NUTS not to do this deal.

My concern is that verizon will get the iPhone and like evrything else something about their phone will be better than the 3gs we have now.... Then we will be behind and missing out on something. I hate being behind!

I swear to god that If AT&T doesn't have the iPhone 4G, I'll kill someone.
haha. I have never had any problems with AT&T except the fact that there still isn't any tethering.
I have great coverage here in San Luis Obispo, CA.

I have the 3GS and ATT is crap. I just got back from Hong Kong (just for business once a year so please don't flame me) and got the data roaming so i could still read e-mail and browse. The thing had full bars EVERYWHERE including the subway. and it was smoking fast. IMHO the connectivity issues have nothing to do with the phone, it's ATT. I did not use it for voice, but again the data was perfect and fast.
and you know how there's this long delay when you turn 3G on, or you exit Airplane mode. I don't know, but it was about 5 seconds for it to go out of Airplane mode each time (to save data and battery).
why they can't build this here in the major cities is ridiculous. also, got my hands on the HD2 and that thing is nice. not too big and very thin. apple needs a second iphone with a screen like that.

Everything comes down to customer base and money, which AT&T and Verizon have a ton of. Sprint not so much. Sorry to be a Sprint customer but the reality of things are your network is loosing money and customers and doesn't really have exclusive phone simply because they don't sell in the tons of millions like the iphone or the predicted droid. The only thing sprint has going is there 3G CDMA speed. But still not enough customers to even tease Apple. Apple is not stupid for making one carrier only on the iphone. Look at Europe and China allowing multiple networks only created confusion of choice. They have done a great job with AT&T and selling iPhones. They don't care about speed and coverage. MONEY is everything. Sorry but get used to AT&T and Verizon running Cell phones in America. There's a chance but a long but T-Mobile could see a exclusive right fails with Verizon.

correction: There's a chance but T-Mobile could see an exclusive iPhone deal if an exclusive deal with AT&T and then Verizon fails. A long shot but a better chance then Sprint.

Why sprint stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking if you think apple will leave ATT for tmoible or sprint

Yeah, I seriously doubt that Apple would ditch AT&T outright. I think a far more realistic scenario would be that Apple simply stays with AT&T while gradually opening the iPhone up to VZW and other carriers in the US, first VZW, and then possibly T-Mo and maybe even Sprint shortly thereafter.
As T-Mo is also a GSM carrier (altho on a different 3G frequency), it would technically be easier for Apple to go with them than with VZW (and not have to make a CDMA-compatible chip), but T-Mo is still relatively small here in the US, and might not be able to handle the sudden rush of data thru their US network if they got the iPhone. So they'd have to upgrade and expand their network here a bit more. And VZW has a far larger subscriber base, so of course Apple would make a lot more money from a deal with them.
So, I'm optimistic, but also realistic; I'm sure T-Mo will eventually get the iPhone in the US, but probably not before VZW gets it first.
Maybe T-Mo know that they won't get the iPhone for a while yet, so that's why they've invested so heavily in all those new Android phones, to try to offer viable competition in the smartphone market. Just some thoughts... PEACE

I have said it before and I'll say it again, I'd be surprised if Verizon got the iPhone. They turned it down first time. I think that it will remain on ATT and maybe T-Mobile. Both are GSM and all it would take is adding the AWS frequencies for T-Mobile US. Why would Apple waste R&D for CDMA? It is a technology that is on its way out. The iPhone was built as a GSM phone, and I do not think that Verizon will get an iPhone until LTE is rolled out fully by Verizon and ATT. Also, I am not convinced that Verizon's network could handle the strain of data hungry iPhones. Verizon has the Droid and will be adding the Preplus and Pixiplus, both of which are always connected to the internet as long as they are turned on. Just my thoughts, they may get islate if it exists, but I hope Apple does not do an exclusive deal or requires service.

Having the islate on an exclusive deal with be stupid. They would sell more at retail locations nationwide not just with 2 or even 1 carrier. Maybe they will do all of it maybe be 3 verisons on without a 3g modem and two with one for AT&T one for Verizon or non for verizon. But what I find weird and confusing is why are both Verizon and AT&T going to have their heads of staff at this meeting. Verizon has something to do with this. I agree i don't think apple with ditch AT&T completly but it wouldnt surprise me if AT&T and Verizon get exclusive rights to Apple products. Offer the option for GSM or CDMA whether its phone or islate. Maybe Verizon is just invited to be teased about what AT&T gets exclusivly. Who Knows until the 27th. Those are the only two carriers Apple has interest in it seems like. So something must be up!

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