Foxconn to double iPhone and iPad factory worker salaries by 2013

Foxconn to double iPhone and iPad factory worker salaries by 2013

Foxconn, Apple's major manufacturing partner, has pledged to double salaries by the end of the year to $700. Though that might not sound like a lot, keep in mind that the current $350 base salary is well above the minimum $240/month wage set by the state, though well above the $145/month they were paying in early 2010. It's expected that Apple will be fronting this bill, considering the margins for Foxconn's parent company, Hon Hai, are only around 4%.

This pay increase, though relatively huge, is to be expected since following the extensive independent audit, Foxconn had pledged to reduce worker hours, but employees were worried that meant a pay cut as well.

From the sounds of it, this is actually setting the bar pretty high in the world of Chinese factories, and could result in a huge influx of interested employees. Foxconn is looking to significantly grow their workforce for the ramp-up to the iPhone 5 launch this fall, so cranking up the interest in potential employees might be just what they want, but if you've seen the stampede to the front gate on hiring day, things could get a little messy. Still, high fives for Apple for increasing wages in China, or should they be reserved for the massive amount of PR pressure that pretty much forced Apple to go above and beyond the current standards?

Source: Sina via ZDNet

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Foxconn to double iPhone and iPad factory worker salaries by 2013


The massive amount of PR pressure, of course, generated by those crazed lefty rabble rousers....

Apple love their image and want to keep it clean and shiny. It did catch me by surprise when I first read the title, but it makes perfect sense.

Cutting into their ridiculously high profit margins. Wonder if Apple will raise price of I phones and other products

Wow how cheap, they charge $400 for an ipad, pay a chinese worker $24 a day and I'm just making a guess each employee makes around 50 ipads in a day so that's $19,976 in revenue per employee per day for apple, that's sick, instead of paying an american why not outsource, we have troops coming back from wars and can't find jobs, 50% of americans receive some form of governent assistance and yet apple is making record profits and somehow are able to avoid paying taxes.

And people worship steve jobs like he's a god, sorry to break it to you he's a greedy billionaire who doesn't give a flying fuc* about any of you, he died but I'm sure his coffin is made of 24kt gold