Foxconn plans to build five additional iPad production plants in Brazil

Foxconn plans to build five additional iPad production plants in Brazil

Apple's largest production partner, Foxconn, has plans to build five new production plants in Brazil to help support the growing demand for the iPad tablet.

Officials from Foxconn and the Brazilian government will reportedly meet following the Chinese New Year to decide on where the factories will be built, but São Paulo is said to be pushing heavily for the investment. [...] In addition to helping supply Apple with iPads, the factories will be tooled for notebook and general electronics production. [...] A Foxconn representative declined to confirm its Brazilian expansion plans to Economia, calling the report "pure speculation."

This news comes shortly after iPad production in Brazil got a generous tax break from local government following Foxconn reportedly investing up to $300 million in a São Paulo factory. The new production facilities could house up to 1,000 employees each, with officials from Foxconn and the Brazilian government said to be meeting after the Chinese New Year in order to make a final decision on the desired location.

With Apple selling through over 15 million iPads during Q1 2012, increasing production to help meet future demand is a no-brainer. And although Brazilian-made iPads may be a little behind schedule, adding more facilities to the mix can only help the situation in terms of availability.

Source: Folha via AppleInsider

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Foxconn plans to build five additional iPad production plants in Brazil


Foxconn doesn't want to have to deal with Unions and endless American rules and regulations. If they made a plant in the USA, the final cost of an iPad would be in the thousands, not the hundreds that it sells for now. Why do you think Apple and all the other American companies outsource to other countries?

i don't care about the cost of apple products. I care about whether people have jobs. And there's nothing wrong with workplace rules. I'd rather have a functioning society where people have jobs to afford goods then the society we have now. Part of what made Ford the best and grew the middle class was they employed people and provided an income to people and thus a means to afford the very cars they made. And even Job's biography details discussions with the president about cost not being the reason apple products are made overseas but rather the lack of U.S. engineers that need to be on site to deal with manufacturing issues on the fly. Jobs spoke at length about programs to educate 10k U.S. engineers. That's what companies should be doing educating people if schools can't do the jobs. Train people if need be. But if they must make everything out of the country nobody here will have the money to buy all the products. Regardless i can do without. If it means doing without iphones and ipads i'm 1000% fine with that. My priority is not my cell phone, it's my community.

don't doubt that. Then again, It's in Apple's power to heavily influence manufacturing conditions. My father was a VP of a fortune 500 pharmaceutical company and was in charge of quality control and frequented pharmaceutical plants all over the globe but especially Puerto Rico and i tagged along often. They had massive influence in making sure working conditions where up to OSHA and FDA regulations. And when things where bad they demanded massive upgrades to worker conditions or a change to the plant they used. Worked well.

Just throwing this out there, but could this be in preparation for a release of a new product all together. I mean while helping to lighten the load of the other factories yes but also help supply the world with a new toy. Just throwing it out there.

Apple should worry little less about their $90 billion+ wallet and push for some manufacturing in the USA. After all we are the ones who buy most of their overpriced crap!

The factories are not built yet. As the story states, FoxConn is planning to build five factories in Brazil. The photos used may not even be of FoxConn workers.

<p>9thwonder - well put.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p><span rel="sioc:has_creator"><span class="username" property="foaf:name" typeof="sioc:UserAccount" xml:lang="">Satviewer2000</span></span> seems to be parroting something Rush Limbaugh&nbsp;would say.</p>
<p>Brazil requires that if you want to sell product in Brazil, you have to build it in Brazil.&nbsp;They must not have any Rush L. distorting the truth in the Brazil media. When Brazil instituted that, their economy took off.</p>
<p>Sure there are unions that abuse the process, but unions are trying to be part of the solution now. Where companies off-shoring with the same old dittohead excuses are part of the problem - the Walmartization of America.</p>
<p>Back in the 80&#39;s, a GE plant manager put on a slideshow of a GE plant&nbsp;totally run by robots - they were so proud of this coming plant. Then someone asked the common sense question - if robots make these, at some point who is going to afford your products? The GE plant manager was gobsmacked.</p>