Free Wallpaper Friday: Pinchably Good

Welcome to another Friday. This week I whip up a tasty batch of colorful wallpapers to adorn your unlock screens. Fresh, hot, out of the oven. Enjoy.

yellow-purple-flowers.jpg yellow-fish.jpg white-roses.jpg pink-light.jpg strange-colored-squares.jpg lonely-yellow-flower.jpg forrest-road.jpg colored-lines.jpg

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Reader comments

Free Wallpaper Friday: Pinchably Good


Thank you. Your efforts are appreciated.
When I look at the window image above it makes me think that maybe you should prepare some images that are Microsoft Fanboy ready. That is, based on some of the old screen savers and wallpaper from Windows.
This would be sorta like a public service. It would allow MS Fanboys to enjoy the intuitive design and reliable features of an Apple product while in "safe" surroundings.
Just a thought.

I dont mean to sound unappreciative but maybe you should offer some wallpapers which are a little less feminine.
Keep up the good work!

FEMININE! Are you implying that I have girly tastes? It's not true I tell you....NOT! The fact that I posted those wallpapers while wearing a pink dress and red stilettos means absolutely nothing! ;-)
Seriously, your feedback is most appreciated. I will select wallpapers that are a bit more gender neutral for next week. And some Microsoftish subjects as well.
Thanks guys.