iPad app Friendly for Facebook now free in App Store

Friendly for Facebook

Facebook still hasn't bothered to release a version of their app for iPad, so it's good news that third-party app, Friendly, has just gone free.

Friendly for Facebook is now ad supported, but users have the ability to dismiss ads that pop up at the bottom of the screen (and they're few and far between to begin with). I've been using their paid version for a while now, and I really enjoy the features available in Friendly for Facebook that simply aren't available on the Facebook website. Uploading photos, for example, is a feature I use quite a bit that wouldn't be available without Friendly for Facebook.

You can also grab the $.99 version without ads if you'd like. If you're using Friendly for Facebook, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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Reader comments

iPad app Friendly for Facebook now free in App Store


I like the app. But, I've noticed over the past couple of weeks, it's been lagging when browsing through it in general.
I'll uninstall it today, and reinstall and see what gives. In addition, I have the paid version; can't stand ads, any type of ads ;)

I use it and I must say I like it a lot better then using facebook.com in safari. Plus you have facebook chat, where as mobile safari does not support it.

I use this all the time but it's still missing a few features and has some bugs. Sharing of wall posts or media from friends walls isn't there and it viewing photos seems a bit buggy. I think there was something it had to open safari for too. Commenting on a friends photo I believe.

"Friendly" is like the touch version of facebook.com and therefore very restricted. "Social" was the only real alternative to facebook.com in a browser, but they gave up. Just use facebook.com in a proper browser like iCab Mobile that allows you to upload files in web pages. There are also good apps to use the Facebook chat like Beejive.

"Uploading photos, for example, is a feature I use quite a bit that wouldn’t be available without Friendly for Facebook."
Can't you just email the photos through your album email address?