Fring Brings Video Calls to iPhone

Fring [Free - iTunes link] dropped us a note to let us know that with version -- now in the App Store -- they've delivered on their promise of video calls for the iPhone.

Now, since the iPhone doesn't (yet?) have a front-facing camera, you're limited to seeing the other person on a Skype or Fring Video call using their PC webcam (or Nokia phone -- sigh, jealousy), but it's still a wondrous step towards the future.

If you give it a try, let us know how it works for you.

[Thanks to Icebike for the tip!]

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Fring Brings Video Calls to iPhone


Hahaha.. I love the reviews on this app. The description says, "One way video" yet people still post reviews saying they can see the PC but the PC can't see them. :)

I Video Call on my Nokia N-95...due to the front facing camera...Works over 3G or even EDGE

@ vanity
if this was a jb hack, there would b no itunes link my friend. I assume u know jailbreak apps are not in the app store. Lol. Ppl.

HAHA! Gotta love the morons who can't read before posting a negative review on the app store. "oh oh they can't see me on their PC, buahhhh buahhhh!"
Here's a tip for you. ONE WAY VIDEO, people! You can see them on the iPhone ONLY!!!
Tried it. Works just fine :D

So far has not been able to work. Tried two different users on skype on my iPhone. Half the time would just drop, other half would only give audio. The Fring video splash plays when making the vid call but nothing happens.
Fring is the best IM app on paper, but honestly it does not work well AT ALL. Takes forever to connect, loading contacts that are definitely online can take minutes, and it does not play well with the Skype API.
I'm hoping it gets better.

People would already rather text than talk on the phone. Video calling is a novelty that will never catch on

It does work, but as indicated above, its one way only.
On end has to be on something other than an iPhone.
Great for chatting with remote family, if you can't get to your computer.
Skype Desparately needs to step up and come out with a new iPhone app. Its embarassing that Fring and IM+ do their business better than they do.

I was allreasy doing this, long time ago with a webb cam app and backgrounder. Lol but this is kind of better so I dont have to be opening two apps.

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