Fund This: Korner, for accessible home security

Fund This: Korner, for accessible home security

Korner is a new connected security system that aims to be simple to set up and be highly affordable. Owners place a single-piece tag at the corner of a door in the house, and connect an Ethernet dongle into their router. The door tag will then communicate to the router when a door is opened, closed, or knocked, and send you relevant alerts to your smartphone.

Magnetic security switches aren't especially new, and are being offered in smartphone-friendly packages by the likes of SmartThings, but Korner's solution excels in its affordability and one-piece form factor. Typically entry detection requires a sensor on the door itself and the frame, which isn't always practical. Beyond practicality, the Korner tags are very stylish and mesh seamlessly with doors. Tags are powered by small replaceable batteries that can last 3 years each.

When the alarm is tripped, the fob plugged into your router will let off a siren, and your Android or iOS device will get an alert. From the app, you can forward the alert to a friend or neighbor, or call the police. I'd like to see some integration with IFTTT at some point, so entrance and exit triggers could set off all sorts of actions, but baby steps for now.


Korner's pricing is especially impressive for their Indiegogo campaign, which will give you 3 tags and the fob for $100. Once the campaign's over, they'll only cost $59, but there will be a $39 annual service subscription fee. Service for life on a product like this could be really valuable, especially if safety is a big concern for you. For those that are feeling generous, you can buy a Korner set for a women's shelter for $79.

Anybody interested can sign up on their Indiegogo page. Do you guys feel comfortable with your current home security set-up? Which apps or accessories do you use?

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Fund This: Korner, for accessible home security


According to them if you lose internet connectivity you lose the ability to turn off or on alarms; so I guess you lose alarm functionality. The always on requirement bother me for three reasons:

1. The system ceases to work
2. If for some reason the company goes out of business you have a non-working system
3. All of your coming and goings are potentially on a server somewhere

It's a great idea, I just wish they had made it work via WiFi as well as offer the remote connectivity.

Wonder if it would work with sliding glass doors? I am thinking yes, because the sensor activates by vibration/movement. Just emailed their support. Looks like a great product, but will not be ready until December 2014. Would be smart to donate now to get the lifetime no fee.

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I can see this going somewhere however there will have to be some software for monitoring or how about this, get them to integrate into Perceptive Automations Indigo software for home control then I think they would have a winner and something I would buy.

Its apparent these folks though well meaning have absolutely no background in security. this product is the cliche for "false sense of security". My 10 year old could defeat this in seconds. I could go on and on. This product is a boon for crooks and is going to get someone hurt or worse.

Almost all of these new iPhone enabled, internet-enabled security deals like door locks, cameras, etc. seem to require you to sign up to "some guy's" private cloud and basically trust whoever they are with all your private stuff.

It's not necessary, it's really not secure from anything at all, and I'm not ever going to buy a product that does it this way. It's perfectly possible to have cameras and other sensors watch your home and send out pictures or alerts to you across the internet without having to buy into some startup cloud designed by who knows who.

Not to mention the yearly fees.

I have installed alarm systems for years, I have a few questions. (Disclaimer: I have not read their site, just trolling)
Is there a siren?
Can you "arm/disarm"? Or does it simply "ping" you when there is movement from a sensor?
Is there a true (traditional) monitoring service included in this annual fee? As in, if there is an alarm, does it report which sensor (zone) and to what severity of the alarm, to a manned monitoring station who can call or otherwise verify that it is not a false alarm then report the incident to the police?
Seems like a clever idea, but they better have a novel for a disclaimer, explaining that this is practically not an alarm system.