Funny or Die releases iSteve

Funny or Die releases iSteve

Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs parody biopic iSteve, has been released on the site. Starring Justin Long as Steve Jobs and Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak, iSteve is a satirical take on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The producers have joked that while it won’t be the best movie about Steve Jobs released this year, it will certainly be the first.

Justin Long is known for, among other things, starring as “Mac” in Apple’s famous “I’m a Mac” ads. Jobs, a serious biopic about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher was set to be released this month, but has been postponed indefinitely after a lukewarm reception at the Sundance film festival.

Aaron Sorkin, writer of The West Wing, A Few Good Men, and The Social Network, is prepping a movie that is broken up into three distinct, thirty-minute segments that take place backstage before three major Apple events. The release date of this film is currently to be announced.

iSteve, the longest video produced by the humor site, was originally set to be released on Monday, but was delayed until today following the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Source: Funny or Die

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Funny or Die releases iSteve


"iSteve" will probably be the 2nd best Steve Jobs biopic (if you can call it that). The Sorkin film will be #1, the Kutcher film a distant #3 (5.7 out of 10.0 on IMDb.)

This would be mere talk, since no one knows anything about the Sorkin movie, and the Kutchner movie hasn't been released yet either.

Personally, I don't hold out much expectations for either (Sorkin is a hack IMO), and given that my only expectation from "iSteve" was a bit of a chuckle, I think it might be the best.