Galaxy Nexus gets reviewed. Biggest iPhone rival to date?

Alex Dobie over at Android Central has put together a complete review of the Galaxy Nexus, Google's third superphone and the second by Samsung. While the internet often jokes about "another day, another baddest Android phone on the planet", the Galaxy Nexus seems intent on taking that crown and holding it for more than just a few weeks this time. What does that mean for Apple and the iPhone 4S?

That's an interesting question. The two devices are in some ways a study in contrasts. iPhone 4S retains a 3.5-inch 960x480 Retina display while the Galaxy Nexus is a huge 4.3-inches, 1280x720 PenTile monster. iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras to ever grace a mobile device while Galaxy Nexus' shooter is decidedly un-great. iPhone 4S has Siri, the intelligent voice-control assistant, and Galaxy Nexus has Face unlock and Android Beam. iPhone nailed user experience out the gate and has been slowly adding functionality over the years while Google has jam-packd Android with features but had a harder time nailing usability and consistency. But these are both mature, stable, enjoyable devices now with large enough App Stores and Markets to fit almost anyone's needs.

Galaxy Nexus doesn't seem quite the leap forward the Nexus One was, but certainly a far greater leap than the Nexus S delivered. Mobile Nations will put it head-to-head against the iPhone 4S soon enough, but for now check out Alex's review and let us know what you think -- tempted much?

Source: Android Central

Galaxy Nexus Review

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Reader comments

Galaxy Nexus gets reviewed. Biggest iPhone rival to date?


How do you buy iPhone apps without a credit card? Have you read all 64 pages of Apple's TOS? Finally, how do you access your device's contents without iTunes?

you can't. Just like you can't remove the spyware thats on every single damn phone on the market. It's called the gov't bud, get used to it.

If this phone ever comes to AT&T I would like to get one.. Although the iPhone 4S is my main phone, I need a Android phone for testing.

The camera was a disappointment from what I saw. Feature-wise it is pretty sweet [from the videos] but I would have liked to have seen better quality.
"iPhone 4S has Siri, the intelligent voice-control assistant, and Galaxy Nexus has Face unlock and Android Beam."
Why are Voice Actions [and Vlingo/other apps] left out of the discussion when mentioning Siri vs Android? Yes they are different in implementation but the result is the same.

The result is not quite the same, as Siri does quite a bit more contextualizing of language -- you do not have to speak in as narrow of a band of commands for Siri to guess what you want to do. Point to IOS.
However, Android has more pervasive use of voice, and has for a while. My wife (DroidX) and I (iPhone4) both use GroceryIQ, for example, and she can add items by voice, whereas I cannot. Point to Android.
No doubt, Android will improve its NLP, and iOS will improve its integration points. They are just coming at it from different directions, and their starting points are far enough apart that their uses are still somewhat different.

They absolutely are different but it is still speaking to achieve something. I'm not attempting to count or compare here just saying it is a bit disingenuous to mention a voice feature of iOS and not that of Android.
No biggie...just saying.

Agree 100% -- it puzzles me that Android's voice actions have gotten little press in the ~1.25 years they have been available.

how can you compare SIRI with VLINGO...
siri does a lot in BETA version understands the meaning of the question and answer for that communicates with use just as person ..

They are different means to the same end. Siri's natural language implementation is amazing; you'll never hear me knock that.
Put it this way...a friend had Siri and tried showing it off. We matched feature to feature except he couldn't update his social network statuses.
Understand me though...Siri is sweet! Natural language and displaying results inline is awesome. Android can't match that, at the moment, but I'm not missing anything by not having Siri.

Im so tired of this rival thing . .. Its not even about that anymore just get the phone that appeal to u . . Had all iPhones and I can say I never have felt let down . . Just saying

You would think that most people would get this point by now but unfortunately they don't. I will try and make it a bit more clear while not losing the message.
I have an iPhone 3Gs and it does everything I need it to do; just updated to ios 5 and love it to the point where I no longer JB. This may make some unhappy but what you do with your phone is your business so for those who want the 3Gs go for it and for those who say that it's a stupid thing know that you are sounding just like apple in terms of controlling what people do with their devices. The main thing though is:

I'm in no way embarrassed. Consider that he said "Google spyware" which is why I asked the question. What spyware does Google have?
As to the malware, no one I know with Android phones have received any either. From your very own mate Gruber:
"If you went out and examined 1000 Android phones in the real world, how many of them would have some sort of malware on them? Those are the questions that matter, and this report doesn’t answer them."

Keep your head buried in the sand ol' boy. One day you'll wake up and realize google knows every single thing about you, your spouse, your kids, your bank account, your political leanings, etc. "Google spyware"? Yes....even if the info is voluntary.

You're right...they shouldn't be in the discussion.
It is just my preferred choice [great app]. Google should buy them. :)

Android just sucks. All that horsepower and you still hear him talk about the camera lag. Too labor intensive, apps catalog is spotty at best, lots of bells and whistles for nothing, and a hardware/software ecosystem that is in a perpetual state of flux.
Android needs to get focused, consistent and decide what it wants to be when it grows up.

Big difference in having just an app sit on top of the OS and one integrated with it [ie - holding search button to get Vlingo to launch or the InCar option, etc].
Compare the different descriptions:
But...great point it is on both OSes.

it looks like mini "mini tablet" stands in between mobile phone and mini tablet ..
the screen size is tooooo big ..
you can't use the device with single hand

The Galaxy Nexus really does have the specs that the Android Central articles claim:
• It's not last year's 4.3" screen. It really is 4.65"
• It's not the older Pentile. It really is SAMOLED 720p HD
• It is a true 4G GSM version HSDPA+ 21Mbps
• It is a true 4G LTE CDMA version on Verizon
• The camera is the new zero shutter lag
• The iPhone 4S is a little thicker and heavier
• Siri is adding features like Vlingo not Face Unlock
• Face Unlock is facial recognition not voice
• Android Beam is for NFC capability
The Android Central specs really are correct.

While Vlingo is a 3rd party app, John C. Bland II's point still remains because Android has Voice Actions built into the OS. That would be a better feature to compare to Siri instead of face unlock. Siri one-ups Voice Actions in many ways, but iOS currently has no built-in feature (to my knowledge) that compares to Face Unlock.