Game of the week: Plague Inc.

Out of all the games I looked at this week, I definitely poured the most time into Plague Inc. This single-player strategy title puts you as the guiding force behind a globe-spanning disease, including its means of transmission, its symptoms, and its spread from region to region.

It was really challenging to graduate from one disease type to another. Island nations like Iceland, Greenland, and Australia turned out to be really hard to get to even with boats and airplanes whizzing around the planet in the early stages of the game. The ample amount of customization, random events, and wide array of order and timing options for disease mutations really made every game very unique.  There's still some graphical tidying up the developers could stand to do, but the core gameplay is sound and if they just keep updating it with new symptoms and disease types, I suspect Plague Inc. will stick around in the top charts for awhile.

$0.99 (on sale) - Download Now

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There are a few other titles that I didn't get around to reviewing this week, but are definitely worth trying out.

  • Whale Trail - A one-touch endless runner that sends the world's largest mammal into the stratosphere. (Free for a limited time - Download Now)
  • Monsters Ate my Condo - A frenzied and insane bastardization of Jenga. (Free for a limited time - Download Now)
  • Gauge - A trippy 8-bit panic-fest with a sense of humor. ($0.99, plus lite version - Download Now)

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Reader comments

Game of the week: Plague Inc.


Looks dumb. And I stay away from games that have in-app purchases. Not buying a game where I have to buy some more. That's just dumb.

The in-app purchases are "cheats" as such. Plating the game normally doesn't require in-app purchases. I'm okay with this was of treating in-app purchases.

Version 1 did not have any in-app purchases. The entire game for $0.99. Then everyone started complaining it was too hard and demanded that the devs add the ability to just pay to unlock all the pathogens. So they did, but did not change anything as far as you can still play the entire game as it was meant to be played and unlock everything through gameplay without paying any extra cash. The in-app purchases were added due to overwhelming demand. Now I see people saying "the game is too hard, it's a racket to get you to spend extra money." These are the same people who never tried actually saving up their DNA points during the beginning stages and then complain that it doesn't give you enough DNA points during the endgame so it must be a racket. It's not the devs' fault you haven't figured out how to play the game intelligently. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

The key is going undetected for as long as possible. Use you're DNA points to upgrade the transmission so it spreads faster. Also, every time you have a mutation In the symptoms, immediately devolve it so the fungus can go undetected until everyone is infected. Try to save as many DNA points as you can, because once everyone is infected you want to make it as deadly as possible so they don't have time to make a cure. Just remember, the more symptoms you have, the faster they will notice the fungus.
Good Luck

What a great (err morbid) game! I too was orginally turned off by in app purchases, but was relieved to see that they were only cheats.

It's amazing how popular this is, I'd feel bad if this happened in real life. There has to be another way to slow down the growing population on the planet. Something in the water to make people infertile for a few years?

<3 <3 <3 this app! It is challenging and different every time. There are so many variables each time that you play! Only thing i would like is each disease characteristic had more of a description