Gameloft Flip Flops -- Will Develop for iPhone AND Android


After making a lot of noise about Android Market not being ready and how they would be scaling back development for the platform, Gameloft has done an about face and looks to be full speed ahead:

Paris – Gameloft®, a world leader in the publishing and development of downloadable video games, plans to launch High Definition games on next generation Android phones like the Motorola Droid and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

“The arrival of this new generation of phones will allow the development of High Definition games that make the most of the technological capacity and the speed of execution offered by the new Android phones. Consumers will benefit from a top quality gaming experience,” says Gonzague de Vallois, vice-president of Publishing at Gameloft.

Gameloft also continues to support the current generation of Android phones and announces the imminent arrival of titles such as Assassin’s Creed. These titles will be accessible on the Android Marketplace and Gameloft internet sites and will further strengthen our catalogue of Android games already available.

As our buddy Casey over at Android Central points out, the reversal is stunning considering how Gameloft claimed they make 400x as much on iPhone apps as they do Android. (Casey also points out that persistent app size limit annoyance in Android land -- fix that Google, would ya?)

We say -- awesome. More competition for the handset makers and better games for everyone. Bring the fun!

What do you think, did Gameloft re-run the numbers, see a secret prototype, or did someone from Google use Maps Navigation to find France, pay them a visit, and show them search rankings before and after for their "re-consideration"? (We joke! Don't Wave us!)

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Rene Ritchie

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Gameloft Flip Flops -- Will Develop for iPhone AND Android


@ Rene:
Ik it's out of subject question but I've been searching for a while but I couldn't find the app. While ago I found an app in app store it was a alarm clock but you couldn't snooze it until you answered the question. Does anyone know the name of the app? Android has it and it's called alarmed but can't find it for iPhone. TY.

I think Gameloft spoke too soon and some top dogs forced an "about face." It has been so easy to discount other platforms if you are used to the iPhone. That's a big mistake.

If the rumours about a google phone are true, wouldnt it make sense for Google to have had a quiet word with Gameloft, and drop a fair wedge of the google billions into their lap to keep on developing?
Yeah, I think Google may have taken a leaf out of the Redmond playbook on this one.

I'm an admitted iPhone fanboy, and as much as I'd like to see it's competitors fail, I recognize that this can be nothing but good for all of us. So...
Go Android!!

I agree that it was hasty for Gameloft to make a blanket decision against developing games for a mobile OS which is probably at the beginning of its peak expansion phase.

I thik Gameloft does quite a good job to compete against other competitors and provides better games for users.

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