Gameloft lets loose the Sons of War with Brothers In Arms 3 at #CESlive

Mobile game developer Gameloft - makers of great games on both iOS and Android - are working on a new installment of their popular Brothers In Arms games series. Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War will be released as a free-to-play game, and it looks great on the iPad. Check it out!

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Gameloft lets loose the Sons of War with Brothers In Arms 3 at #CESlive


Seeing someone play this game, single handedly I might add, really helped peak my interest in this game. I like the touch-n-tap play mechanics that drive the gameplay.
I'm looking forward to trying this title out.

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Haven't tried any of the Brother In Arms games, but this looks really promising. Great visuals, simple touch controls, lots of explosions, and was that a kill cam I saw. Crossing my fingers that the IAP will not ruin the experience on this one.